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  • 00:00: the main trace elements are rich walnuts vitamin e and zinc walnuts Nuts contain and many other useful substances but applied to the treatment of prostatitis and increase the potency of these are important benefits of honey have to say, not separately as in this particular case appears as preservative shelled peeled peeled walnuts Nuts and very quickly lose their properties of the oil and evaporate trace elements disintegrate under the action of
  • 00:30: oxygen honey can be said to be embalmed peeled walnuts keeping them properties and even strengthening them own saturation with vitamins as to cook walnuts with honey the ratio should be approximately for a glass of honey 200 m l should be cleaned ten to twelve walnuts then you can do it in two ways or simply put peeled nuts in honey but better pre-peeled
  • 01:00: Nuts grind in a coffee grinder as a rule included with the blender to grind do not need da dust and just to pieces you you can feel that the stacks of the coffee grinder will become light Bold is the oil that is contained in walnuts here so that honey stronger mixed with these oils and has The Meaning of Chopping Nuts then also mix honey with chopped walnuts are better in the can from the beginning fill up nuts
  • 01:30: and then pour them with honey nuts are easier honey In a few hours they will surface and will be on the surface of honey before each application this mass is needed stir to obtain a uniform consistency of how to take honey from walnuts it is best to take this mixture in the morning not necessarily there, and over and over and several times a day enough once in the morning to eat 2 3 teaspoons
  • 02:00: there is a variant to make of this very delicious and nutritious breakfast for 200 grams of r dry crumbly cottage cheese add 2 tablespoons sour cream with fat content 10 15 percent and add 3 tea Spoons of a mixture of chopped walnuts with honey it's a simple culinary dish very good to take in the morning for improve sexual potency and treatment prostatitis difficult to come up with something more useful In addition, it turns out very tasty and hearty breakfast one warning
  • 02:32: it will be difficult to protect yourself from those who wish help to deal with this breakfast for microclysterism is prepared in the same way before going to bed it is necessary to release intestines enter 50 100 m l infusion into the rectum after that it is desirable to lie down for 20 minutes on the abdomen using microclysters The best effect is achieved with acute inflammatory prostatitis and exacerbation of chronic prostatitis The duration of the reception until you get bored
  • 03:02: sufficient period for obtaining positive effect in treatment prostatitis and increased potency 1 month how to store nuts with special honey requirements for storage of nuts with honey no prepared mixture can and a month stand and nothing with it It will not happen in the refrigerator to set it is necessary not to leave exposure to sunlight honey and nuts From the sun, the limitations of doctors and
  • 03:32: nutritionists warn that the walnut nuts rather heavy food should not be there are too many of them this can spoil digestion disturb metabolism does not particularly follow get carried away with people with high cholesterol in the blood of those volumes that were specified to obtain the required effect is enough all that is over excesses and they are inappropriate in everything pleasant appetite and strong masculine
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