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The secret of seasoning of McDonald's is opened. You watch video it so far did not remove  See details »

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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen and with вам я александр Today's friends все in a whisper because I think we found have found recipe for spices as McDonald's only quiet this video is specially for our subscribers now I'll tell you everything quickly until the video is deleted everything is done instantly and here are these spokes I myself have been checking for two weeks sat down with them everything is much more tasty not believe it
  • 00:30: let's start well and that's the whole set that we I need salt here in the sea. a teaspoon of a teaspoon of sugar a jalapeno pepper sharp the dried we also need half a teaspoon ginger ground teaspoon ground cardamom here half a teaspoon of cinnamon very all fragrant 2 teaspoons granulated garlic 2 teaspoons bright sweet paprika and here I have 2
  • 01:02: teaspoons oregano start with the fact that pepper jalapeno here and so the floor break it down into several pieces I even probably I will not use weight and send a mortar enough to grind with sea ​​salt Well, sugar is poured out here and we take a pistil and drove here to such a powdery consistency we are rubbing all
  • 01:36: if there are a few pepper flakes left nothing terrible now I take and right now here I'll pour it perfectly here she is what beauty is large pick up still have a mortar because I am now I'll put garlic in here and so that not so hard too, garlic
  • 02:07: or three separately Well, here she is garlic us in the same pair also here we pour out all the fragrant all that appetizing and now a mortar I 'm sending oregano, too, she's here such a large it was just a matter of rubbing it well of course if you have a coffee grinder you can immediately grind everything together but just keep in mind that coffee will be with aroma of hot pepper all oregano too
  • 02:38: I think enough to see what emptying we have 2 already as far as it's all good and now easy The remaining spices are added and all gently stir here is such a beauty and tastes generally unreal we mix it neatly and now shifting the dry jar
  • 03:08: prepared with a lid and add wherever possible I'll tell you seriously I say do not regret time collect these spices all together and you love them this something unreal before their you can even think of me as dessert add but I'm too kinky but the fact is that that both meat and fish and anything you like all the side dishes with vegetables are all very tasty appetizing and most important
  • 03:40: it would be desirable still well that dear or expensive my week stock of spices is ready for me McDonald's I will hold on and you repeat and try be sure to write as you like the new viewer my dear sign be sure and put it to me will be very nice all i went have something to try all the best for now [music]