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Журнальный столик из дуба  See details »

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  • 00:00: from lapotnye russia to victory communist labor Good day to anyone who watches this
  • 00:30: roller I decided to do more one magazine a table and I need them make and less than 4 1 y I already have this movie can be look at the channel called simple coffee table it will practically reiteration repetition of the same of the design with some small
  • 01:00: slightly long it will be the material will be another there was a Christmas tree here long let's see it like this leg with 4 legs because that I regretted the type Then it was necessary do a full one cabriole but already to go nowhere is this will be next design here simply one-sided therefore the leg under 45
  • 01:30: degrees will be so placed and baking repeat it is also very cranky it match by color quite difficult as I understood from the Christmas tree it was easier here Even places are visible gluing it was glues the block 60 to 90 from it already they are cut out here they are all four
  • 02:04: interesting top of course very good polished slippery impossible and heavy that's great it's legs changed the shape of the kingpins so she means now will be with me try this for comparison times
  • 02:34: I repeat I have a video look at that well, and countertop the table top again trouble one board seemed lighter will be something with her I've got to split hairs already out of
  • 03:04: provisions we'll see how come it's form countertop the same as it was do not try anything I will collect from help adaptations which Eat me Here it is here sheet of DC and
  • 03:36: two racks at an angle of 90 degrees for to this leaf is dsp and friend is very a handy thing for someone looked did not know we will strengthen again with help in the tower is such as a table top with using biscuits how it will be
  • 04:06: to look like such a but in this way in this way farther
  • 04:50: this thing will be snuggle up screws for trading and two screws in the leg bid groove rusks will go here are inserted and is attracted to countertop process assembly show i
  • 05:24: I will not eat it I'll show the video already finished product when I will collect well there glue here self-tapping screw Here is collected well principle, I wanted to
  • 05:56: achieve massiveness so to speak design all the same this is the oak so here it is to me it was seen but in my opinion even too much legs thick you to me it seems massive very design grace say so there is no
  • 06:27: Well, on the mistakes of studying I do not know by mistake that it is not error but quite massively turned out that it turned out that
  • 06:57: happened I do not know yet what will I cover it all compressor now includes a spray gun I do not have opportunities here i I can not cover a in the garage in garage to go out there it's cold even I do not know, but there is
  • 07:27: alternative or oil or acrylic varnish previous acrylic was coated principle, you can repeat OK I'll see well I gathered a table nothing special there except that this my first product
  • 07:57: completely made of oak from oak the table does not is covered because I already said before spring will be just like this polished well changed this a little bit
  • 08:31: Tsargi is a form of kings and here pulled fiddiflushki attached that's all for now costs while on this table all pleasant viewing from you were the paddle shoes