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Расклинивающий нож для станка ИЭ 6009А  See details »

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  • 00:00: I can only live to retire turn from lapotnaya Russia to victory communist labor Kind time of day for everyone who looks my channel is now engaged
  • 00:32: did not want to shoot the movie because work is not so serious already, well, everything Still I think because I have not seen such a constructions I began to manufacture a wedge in a knife on your machine is a universal one which I upgraded look previous videos what is its difference I I will mount og countertops for the reason that if I leave it on lathe
  • 01:03: if I leave him to the dead screwed to the machine, it will interfere Teaching in this is the problem of all these universal machines but to take off and dress and, and every time it's too, I do not want to do it, well, this two naturally the thickness of the disk I have somewhere I saw 18 millimeters of sawing not I know the box threw out but more than two
  • 01:35: so this is a deuce it's a two-fold here under 90 degrees he curved like I want to do an hour here I eat in the manufacturing process is all did this thing quickly cut out I found a piece of metal there from something cleaned here like beautifully it turns out that two holes It is attached to the table top which When you configure this clamped plate six plate
  • 02:10: Six I'm in it now I will cut thread on m6 now I'll cut the carving and then and then from the top now I will show it and it will become and I want light include everything like we can go through here here will
  • 02:42: here two holes are naturally requested forged head in the sweat the pain of the six and those two screws then pass the screw on it from below a knife will be put on and a plate with two holes there thread on the twist regulate and everything Here the meaning is unconditional if this table is here
  • 03:13: Look, he's not screwed up from him absolutely no backlash absolutely no backlash so I'm thinking that everything will be in order here but to regulate naturally it will be necessary already when I am completely clamped already showed there 4 bars of scales to me from below we will adjust how it turns out you will see then we ourselves have what we have At this stage of work, the right angle is
  • 03:45: as here is made clear it is natural that in the knives it is adjustable at weakening means these two screws can He moved and now on the table this we will do Well, more or less like adjusted
  • 04:26: Here still never tried to see cleanly found here somewhere in the 5 dozen education installations [music]
  • 04:56: [music] [music] [music] did not notice anything, that is all right
  • 05:32: village due to why did I take off the deal here The wedging knife means he year in autumn if I have an oak board unedged but I decided clip her normal kind of lead that's what it turned out and you can
  • 06:03: show began to clamp began to clamp more accurately began to burn and burn for probably from the fact that this is such a beautiful disc I I think clamping board 50 and even the oak tree then did Here at me native is put this
  • 06:34: kind of like it finished well, because he has he smoked naturally smoked is not blunted but surely this is because of this unload the knife but now I am on horseback by the way notice the sawdust no I did there small withered from curved plate Galvanized to angle there was nothing that is, everything was round well
  • 07:04: as I understand it pulls here means to open the topic by clicking closed on this tank it is thin there do and I will not, he did not need me there I have about two times in as many years case that the stick flew up well in first there I sang a choke and work in second, I do not stand on the 1- axis ready to be cunning
  • 07:35: Well , now this countertop can be take off with the knife and aside then remove the dressing from the hard everything is fixed in order on this finish and a great movie with you was Vyacheslav Shoemaker