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Самодельный шлифовальный станок Часть 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: from lapotnye russia to victory communist labor here closed and was painted dries
  • 00:31: what did I do here she extract hood made here bottom hardened a little bit self-tap am she grabbed it very tough long at home here come up do not do that we will try as it is from subspaces will pull out there will be a hole where will the sawdust on at least part will be clean up and at
  • 01:02: least this is space will not be hammered most scary here in this hole is in the same place bearing is this of course how it will be it is not clear yet so change then can to be in the head thought even then come it called so good word gramophone it turns out there will be disk but current lose phonograph records speed pick up and we will lose so normal it turns out and that's all I think Ottawa
  • 01:32: portable version it heavy relative portable 5 place is not present Well, that is what I am and did dismantle that all it's there to do that much is worth cut a little bit but and simultaneously protochil prothed here such cylinders already on the drums on drums drums so 80 this 70 this 45 on
  • 02:09: To me this 30 here from I shall cut them left drill hole null fully on version 12 of course I do not I will drill that is I can drill well I have such a task no, they do not cut them I will have a height about 90 millimeters I'll cut them out of them cylinders of such why so much want on 2 to make but such two such different
  • 02:39: I'll put the skins there different granularity Well and here for their concavity so say and this is a new I make a new cutter the handle was turned over method again Gregory ganja began to do very good it turns out self-tapping nose welded palace ring make to me to twist and will be beautiful cutter and so I finished
  • 03:22: the apparatus fell into place Well of course he has a look not so chic adult Th here you will not think up I know that here it is possible come up to to hide engines all this ammunition of the type capacitors starters again less but not like her do not be box exactly in size of all viscera so oh well and then
  • 03:53: of course, dimensions determined by a table a hundred years small here I would not do it instead of a convenient approach waste fixation as they said in the lion all very convenient here 2 what and the wreaths are for drums for drums from me pin as it is called I do not know the shaft and faceplate faceplate
  • 04:23: on which are attached disk 150 millimeters that's how much I'm here done 9 pieces did Drums Dress Up drum washer all is ready what piece of wood to take
  • 04:56: works very quietly this 80 grain
  • 05:27: and order if the skills they countries to my for May Well all is great
  • 06:02: how is it taken such a key is magic made the slurry is suppressed because there are three a bolt for 10 11 when the drum is on their It is visible when the faceplate they are not rinat, but I the touch is easy
  • 06:32: unscrew oh forgot unscrew Here is such a nurse such a shaft is this place
  • 07:02: its here place in place need washer and nut We took placed faceplate manufacturing twisted
  • 07:32: chit [music] I probably screwed up become
  • 08:09: Well, how to spin of course a little bit it's harder here Here are three marks in was delayed 2 why do we need three threw
  • 08:42: but here show especially evening why did I do what for did not want to more convenient rice and sing I even have to refuel
  • 09:12: bought several grinding wheels but this is very powerful this is 40 grains then there is 120 180 Here you can even a little more small for finishing weight arise in very convenient and there it is not only here and month to me vertically not really like it here he is near vertical
  • 09:45: worth but of course he already worked well he did everything on it there 125 you are there all Well basically all on my installation here all at hand prickly a shaft for drums and
  • 10:15: all drums place is enough you can sanding feet cabriole Well and everyone in the field and the convexity on this i I finish everything good with you was ground of shoes