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  • 00:00: what's up everyone alright so here we are day 3 in Orlando this is my second day of trading finishing up two thousand dollars so a great day and I'm getting ready to head over for my first one-on-one mentor session which is starting at 11:00 a.m. but before I do that I want you guys to see that I've just spotted a very rare creature you don't see a lot of these here in Orlando this is ace I've only seen one or two of them
  • 00:31: tonight I think they're pretty rare so I'm gonna keep an eye out for some more and keep you guys posted in the meantime let's jump into today's midday Marco recap all right what's up everyone okay so today is day two of day trading from
  • 01:05: Disney World and I'm finishing the morning up 2080 $3.26 which is great another solid day today that's my daily goal $2,000 a day what I did my calendar and I don't look for it but I guess like oh here is I just have to find a pen so I am certainly happy to be closing the day in the green second day of trading from Florida and hopefully you know we can continue this little trend of making
  • 01:37: money while kind of on a you know travelling vacation so yesterday plus $398 today plus two thousand eighty three dollars it is the 168 trading day of the year so today's a day where I took one trade had one winner and that was it my work is done I didn't overstay my welcome in the market so we can do a quick recap here I've got a one-on-one mentor session with a student at 11:00 so I got a get
  • 02:08: over there in just a few minutes so the trade today was V V us now interestingly the gap scanner this morning leading gapper was SSC this one I was watching if I just grabbed the gap scans here it was our leading gap or how well V V us was a gap or because of the reverse split but it was C SS C was the the gap where that was kind of watching the most closely here up 20 percent had a nice
  • 02:39: pre-market pattern and what happens the bell rings it sells off it ends up dropping back down from 580 back down to 480 so no trades on that Ren re NN I was watching this one as well no trades on it it was just it did not hold up pre market it started selling off last one from pre market watchlist was i ze a this one you know again just you know did not hold up so those three stocks were on watched no
  • 03:10: trades on any of them so a little bit disappointing there at that point I was like alright I'm gonna switch from the gap scanner to the high a day Momo scanner but the high today mobile scanner had really next to nothing on it these some of these were from yesterday you SAT higher priced you know there really wasn't a lot on here look that great so someone in the room said hey remember VV us is a reverse split so I
  • 03:41: pulled up the chart and I was watching him and on this one it was kind of interesting because when I first pulled it up it was right around here the high was 488 light volume it wasn't doing a lot and the spread was huge it was a spread of 440 by 470 30 cent spreads and I was just thinking you know I can't trade that I mean I that spreads too big I can't touch it so I'm just gonna leave it alone but I kept the level to up and I watched
  • 04:12: the spread start to get a little tighter and then all of a sudden it starts to break over for over 480 here and pop up to 490 so it made a new high right here it pops up to $5 and now the spreads tighten up to 490 by 499 when I saw that I was like okay I'm gonna punch the order so boom I punched two orders to try to buy six thousand shares at $4.99 and $5 and you can see on both of them I got partial fills and which is kind of
  • 04:44: funny when that happens I mean I should have gotten like a full fill on the first order and then maybe nothing on the second but I got a partial fill on both of them I don't really know why that happens I guess that's another good reason for sending out multiple orders because I was able to get more shares by doing that so now I have 3,400 shares at $5 and it continues the momentum goes up to five ten five fifteen five 25 27 and now it's halted on a five-minute circuit
  • 05:14: breaker because it has just moved more than ten percent in the last five minutes so I'm like okay you know I wasn't expecting I wasn't expecting that but you know I'll take it so I'm in this with thirty four hundred shares of thirty cents that's like nine hundred bucks its halted on a five-minute circuit breaker halt it resumes and you can see right here if I do well I'll just leave it here you can see right on this candle it opened at five fifty it dipped down for a second
  • 05:44: and I added at 5:42 I had it 542 because on this one I was thinking that if it got back up above five fifty six dollars is the next invest next spot watching for six so 5:42 breaks it hits 550 556 557 it shows a little bit of resistance there high a day is 558 I put an order one cent under the ask as I saw
  • 06:14: resistance at the highs so when I see that on the tape I start to see the volumes slow and I'm seeing resistance I put out the order to sell so on this one sold half at 5:57 and then hit the bid at 554 hit the bid again at 550 and then it starts to drop and now it goes down and is halted coming back down so this was disappointing because it really it didn't hold up as much as I thought it
  • 06:44: would and I think this is for a couple reasons number one the float before the split was a hundred million shares after the split is ten million but for all the scanners it's still showing a hundred million share float so you can see here it's hundred million share float so that means it's not going to be on most high momentum scanners that I'm using I think that's a problem I think the fact that the market has been so slow for the last like four or five weeks traders are just more kasia's they want to see a little more strength before they get in and when
  • 07:14: this didn't get that extra kind of I don't know that extra push it just rolled over so drops back down here to a low of 50 I held through the halt going down I tried to sell at 79 I didn't get filled it drops it curls back up I try to sell at 14 I don't get filled and then I hit the bid at $4.99 so you know this was one trade one opportunity $2,000 I saw a number you guys got in this trade some of you got in the four
  • 07:45: 90s as it was curling up cuz you're watching the level two you were seeing the buyers come in the spreads tightening up that's awesome some of you got in four five fifteen five twenty some of you guys didn't get in before the hall you got in on the second out of the halt in the five 40s and sold in the five 50s so some of you guys did pretty well on it made some money which is great but you can see the margin for profitability on this is pretty small and in a stronger market we would want to see you know a little bit more staying power than what we saw here on this one so a green trade but not really
  • 08:16: a home run it's pretty much sitting about where I first got in so it just hasn't really held up as well as I would have hoped but in any case you know making a little bit of money still grinding that's kind of the name of the game right now so back to I guess all-time highs in my account but I'm only up like four thousand dollars this month so you know I mean whatever it's we still got lots of time but it is no doubt feeling like a little bit of a
  • 08:48: slow slow start to the month but greens good I'm getting myself in the driver's seat that's what counts and you know I'll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning so tomorrow morning I'll be doing my recap with an audience we're gonna have all of our inner circle students in the conference room tomorrow morning so I will see all of you guys there I've got my my headset here all ready to go so test it out again today make sure
  • 09:18: it's all charged up and we will be live tomorrow around 9:00 a.m. from Walt Disney World here in Orlando Florida alright everyone so that's it for me and I'll see you guys back here tomorrow morning 9:00 9:00 a.m. alright see you guys in the morning oh hey I didn't see you there while I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade hopefully it comes soon until then make sure you subscribe to get email alerts
  • 09:48: any time I go live or upload new videos until then happy surfing