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Воспоминания об Иосифе Кобзоне: ''А у нас во дворе'' - Иосиф Кобзон и Нелли Кобзон (Subtitles)  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: [applause] [music] but we have a girl in the yard alone among noisy girlfriends imperceptibly to which of the guys you can see directly me nothing but I do not take my eyes off the eye I have known him since childhood mine is not silent
  • 00:33: even switch friends why so few even see it yourself Nothing I still look I do not take my eyes off I 'm not afraid I'm not guys not a day of steep fists or water or fire And with her like suddenly substitute for beige light why me all Only I do not take my eyes off again in the evening
  • 01:07: I'm standing by the gate she's past the hut normal failure you and where he was not looking for a grill lie to yourself why I do not look all eyes I set off or in the morning knock clouds all forgot I watch out windows and I do not know how to subtract
  • 01:42: it's bad for yourself all the time only the eye does not remove the whole grishka class is not important all I look my eyes do not deduce [applause] that all the time on the stage to torture consider foresters I want to submit that's what toys can hang at home at our stars on fur-trees well we will tell
  • 02:13: alexander marshal and this Well soldier group factory I think asterisks but in this case filippa Kirkorov must hang on the fur- tree clothes but in the case of Nikolai Baskov photos of Nicholas Baskov and as well as on these Christmas trees sparkle and circles in our today's show shining wonderful duos I suggest to raise glasses for them