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Chicken Kiev. The Gipsy prepares. Gipsy cuisine.

Chicken Kiev. The Gipsy prepares. Gipsy cuisine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good times days Hello everyone prepare the price cutlet in Kiev well and for this I took six large breasts that is, four gur daughter of me be on bone of cutlet in Kiev there will be real and of course I prepare the second option you cutlets in Kiev I'm here locus Nila breast with bone cut off already cut deployed as I will tell you the book I'll show that's left specially such place of special coat of arms here card
  • 00:31: I will show you and how to remove fillets and so I two fishing rods grinded and the rest of me there will be 4 cutlets on ossicle that is, from a single fillets and so to measure 250 gram of oil creamy 15 20 grams of dill salt pepper eggs not will go seven pieces and then a whole this is how I will be his blender grind I'm that I'm still then the rest I'm like I will not be deep small dish knock down so I 4 cooked and so I cut the butterflies on
  • 01:01: such pieces about 2025 grams here I have 250 grams I will do 10 cutlets 6 as Ted I'm going to be stuffed do in Kiev and four large cutlets from fillets and rather from the breast chicken so I cut half the oil in such a here are the pieces here gram 2025 naturally I get on so much butter so much as from a cutlet from me It will be big in Kiev can be soft knead the fork with a fork and cut the dill mix like
  • 01:31: then make such pieces as if in bag deputy roll and each I freeze a piece I will not do this just cut the dill and I will lay down everything like usually oil and dill and so do it but this Here fillet in the hands together with bone I deliberately left in Here the neck will be video two cards here they are with the two sides stick out this one is these they bones us I need them here so I cut out with the two parties here are here are the stones cut off u here is this one we will be leave but the rest naturally we do not
  • 02:01: here she is this my bones are straight the hour which is slightly cut off or break how do you like it with you straight broke like see nothing terrible but everything equally it will be cutlet pick this up stone like we are filming now fillet I'll take this I'll cut that off the neck hindered here here and push us this part is needed in general and so here they are Bones, here it is ours fillet fillets and as usual it is removed here, too, some kind of
  • 02:31: bone as it were such a slingshot is this we slingshot too you we do not need to cut out too, everything is like this we remove the fillets of the cone and all this work is a stone right here together with fillet and so here cut off with a knife or break and how do you everything is convenient there the main thing here hung and here we are all equally it will be there press as would be when cutlet all is superfluous I stick the meat out bones clean slightly it slightly dirty fry all will be beautiful and we still cloth as if with Let's make paper
  • 03:01: a beautiful bow for we wind all fillets I'm ready again and even the second movie I still have what also took off fillet to 3 I will all be us meat grinder grind and also I'll do another option cutlets in Kiev I'll show you this for those who our world does not can cut so fillet and well, and not with bone can be without bones of bargains I'm all this will make mincemeat too turn from feliu I cut Cropped as you can see now I will cut it like booklet fillets so that there was a market from me
  • 03:31: not with the middle astra from the side, how we cut here on the side we cut here since the little booklet We cut and deploy that is to the end not cut nothing Sasha if not evenly went slightly nothing to worry about this all for is equal then and slightly so knife as would see that the same was hands touch to not cut through to the very end Here it is you see part of the Yes and so little I'm underreplicated better bit uncut it is better to turn I'll see what's wrong now he's just with the knife we ​​touch with hands
  • 04:02: we move to correct naturally the whole of how to say everything already ready now for me one side solar another it turned out thicker than we do take pictures here this is a little too little cut it and that's it. and have leveled a cutlet I will be very Big as you see you find smoking such that slightly flagged I took a very larger than two kilograms of a man and so here I am all prepared both See here are some fillet now I will and now beats marinate here with me all four pieces on such a large 4 pieces
  • 04:33: here I have a cutlet in Bone is the most natural cutlets in Kiev this is it I am now mincemeat before turn minced meat and will all this too do a chopper so I'm forcemeat already milled from the entire me here 2 breasts change and I are pieces He has added yet other trim pepper salt a little bit about half the tea a spoonful of salt is not much we lay chicken fillet not loves and slightly peppered everything enough is not so all of course you need
  • 05:04: mix as a regular minced onion ships are not added only pepper black ground all mixed now a little bit from volume as usual Cutlets and times in 5 6 here so here's a hit on a table or a plate from the rhythm of yes, what plate all stuff Ready and so far stuffing we will marble we will beat off these pieces and ours for cutlets and so we lay down on досочку by the side smooth cut side openly book up cover with a foil in order to
  • 05:35: evenly broke up denticles volume 10 times one side literally 10 times hit show side again on the right now 20 times small times 23 not only slightly as if not completely beat what I am strong on neatly so this neatly and stretch when in We are pulling the bean for 24 hours pull to stretch physics is even do not break her main that's all the better not to finish off than to kill here and so you see on that side whole
  • 06:06: pieces do not broken on the inside we are very good everything faded now salt pepper over just a little bit and lightly pepper I straight very slightly pepper and salt all it is enough now postpone in side and so continue with by all you will see on the one hand laz a whole eagle owl a another beat well So I'm fillet all prepared now let's get crumbs I cut I cut loaf to pieces on such how to make a blender
  • 06:36: once grinded sending by a little bit into a glass for the blender and blender all this grind away this one is tiny good turned out on cutlets in Kiev Better no button no crackers and replace so I hit I beat the eggs in a plate of 4 pieces there true 5 yolks it turned out well almost spear of course you can pepper but I do not gloves and enough soft under marinade everyone knocked it down darling everything it is enough now
  • 07:06: we cut dill here these are the solid ones wands are these, here we are we cut it all to us need not leave only all the greens are sliced small and small cutlet in the do with dill and half the bridge I have binzel and not like kids do not like sulla cut finely and so I prepared everything as you see the egg oil baby dill branch me and forcemeat of course now another couple of spoons of flour I 'll make a kulek
  • 07:36: is fat lard cut the bed on the table we all lay fillets and add a piece of oil and also add dill I will divide by 5 6 parts approx. how many there is not necessary will cutlet greens I take this a portion of tea spoon greens and I put oil on top and Here and so a sachet wrap up in a roll all wrapped up in Do not be afraid of ballet whether Thomas will be down open
  • 08:06: u here near the stone it's all like this with hands for molding then it's all eggs flour all this for a bone is laid there that's like pushed slightly pulled Do how will you be there conveniently you can do not south from tearing then there and again to put in like that it was convenient for you Here is such the cutlet turns out now they were closed with their hands all the essential oil wrapped up there and then we all do it our eggs breadcrumbs or whatever all this for All here is molded here we will fill up with flour eggs it's all fried here
  • 08:36: what do you think that's here all will flow from you oil leak out none all I've been nailing everything four pieces now we will be engaged in minced meat now I'll stick myself then I will be roll in flour flour and take the flour I also prepare immediately because now already me will be next cutlets collapses already in bows forcemeat I will divide into six pieces from me here are six large cutlets this is my option when I no time to study fillets and I quickly grind the fillets rather chicken breasts
  • 09:07: and so they took the plate water wet my hands took our cutlet here is this differently drank across the palm put the butter put dill and wrap up and so to him that way all here it's over there we correct the greens and that's how they froze all now form such a long cutlet that is we do it in Kiev this way quickly and easily let the same believe me not than
  • 09:37: before to distinguish everything now I Immediately I will not lay out on the table I I will have 2 cutlets cook and immediately fry me all the conveyor will be two cutlets and fry the film is sculpted after and so they rolled in flour then into the eggs neatly I still take T-shirt is more convenient noise and so on at once the same crackers in this crumb our once showered well slightly so slightly we press such here I will show a little closer too much
  • 10:07: shape correct touch a little everything is quite second again again the same thing do again in eggs no longer need flour this egg twisted attack poured eggs and again send to crumb all the same we do as first time all here found the cutlet almost everything was ready to go. cutlet in Kiev then there is, as it were, especially wound in such no naturally natural it must be integral
  • 10:37: meat to us and we did from ground meat and so is the same We perform as a the first cutlet grandson first then eggs are like this Now we are trying it's like not really no one twists in hands, we often reply try to dazzle here so that it stayed in bed Accurately in the eggs I will omit on noise so that not deploy it as if since we have already dazzled it all she should like us it would be so to keep pour eggs good and card
  • 11:08: topped up and this is now on the fate of her aunt hold on eggs immediately when they will cook it immediately grasp and all and our oil will remain in the cutlets Will not run out all now breadcrumbs or in crumbs rather we are doing our best its not particularly twist in the sleeve does not deploy it is not unleash a from here press how would we try here this edge which is not still we press a hand all eggs flour can be here was also molded near the stone we press closer to bone, as it were
  • 11:38: press to all bones all the time and our region you are all for we lowered the molds again neatly 2 1 floor also on top We do not water eggs turn the cutlet itself stay, stay cool and because my can unwind and she again everything will fly apart as they poured from above If you attack then it should be all no more twisting all take out our lobe slightly to hold it glass is glass extra eggs like this that's all now again send the crumb same thing
  • 12:08: we do press with your hands we try not earlier spin and blindly from near the stone we press him well down here we try to cover by large so all the boils now i will them fry down too noise is good our warmed-up a frying pan or fryer not so I'll zhaet three minutes to four so that they beautifully blushed that is , they were printed we will now seal they will be fried well and then we are on pan in
  • 12:38: preheated oven will send minutes by 15-17 because me big patties so I say that At least 15 minutes you if you do slightly less naturally it will be enough and 10 minutes are good preheated oven and so I will be followed Lepite on 2 cutlets we are going to conveyor to us and you You can take your time nalepite cutlets then natural hurry all sorry for me example for example two or three minutes of something put on second batch cutlets therefore I immediately followed all this I'm doing everything now ahead of such here
  • 13:08: way and will send the oven to real key of last cutlet in I have left little crumbs a little egg somewhere remained with me on one cutlet as You see, I have everything turned into a level and gum I'm eggs I like said seven eight pieces I will go to there are exactly seven of me I went and finished off more three pieces of eggs it turned out all that all the same flour we are now eggs cutlet I this cutlet I make the last as it were in me I made three pieces without greens for babies and so is the same
  • 13:39: Flour see the goal then a mug send everything out me in the past tiny left here so that's all frozen clung to all it turned out around 1 loaf for 10 large cutlets I went 7 units and now you can use your hands as already here foliage the last is necessary Egg pick up to to pour and cling our our cutlet egg roll vice all coated with eggs they fell over smeared now
  • 14:10: roll our crumb so all the last we hooked the hook same thing twice all daddy us did everything to fry last cutlets this one is all mine cameras are all to rosy good color we fried sealed they are well all they are us fried so that oil is nowhere will not go away . when we are in the oven I'll send everything I have now
  • 14:40: lay out everything so that everything fit Well, for frying I used the leader the oil went to me clicker clit oil after frying butter I spill I sent everything to oven preheated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes I got it all cutlets I'll cut you I will show here such at I cut juicy cutlets I got it mincemeat which I did here see juicy cutlets delicate and delicious in all interesting boa constrictors I made a meatball on
  • 15:10: ossicle now I'll show you please be at the stage and but I feel with the video same I tightened you faster than an hour in Paris I 'll show I took it like this napkin cut and u beautiful and the leg here is in and so shook and I 'll give it in that cutlets served free potato peas greenish I will serve salad olivier so how am i this morning prepared a salad olivier and that's it. dogs will also be delicious try it cook and I will leave the recipe under video in the description so
  • 15:41: same under the video in description we have reference to the family channel go subscribe well what Well I have left cutlet cutlet show that I have it turned out that to all probably I wonder what's there for me inside them raw them not raw meat please i you I'll show the cutlet it turned out super I'm sitting in the kids eat on from my cutlet as you can see juicy tasty and whole baked Thanks a lot, everyone all I thank who looks and writes put on husky I liked a lot of things put the likes and subscribe
  • 16:11: all bye bye