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  • 00:00: [music] Hello this kitchen with another project you I valery today We will prepare a new a new recipe for us recipe included with potatoes and cheese This should get incredibly delicious for we need to test a cup of yogurt better high percentage fat Two cups of flour one half a teaspoon of egg half a teaspoon of baking soda salt 30 grams melted butter and for filling us take the cheese, and potatoes in equal the proportions of 200 grams now I'm in the first
  • 00:30: I put all boiled potatoes connect first dry components are added in the flour and baking soda salt mix well We send in yogurt egg and also good Stir the damage they combine flour can leave a little more than 2 cup will be today to focus on test
  • 01:02: here the ship melted butter for Chu taste and knead soft elastic dough on I can see that the flour little yes exactly add here is soft dough I I received added about 100 grams flour guided by its flour can you It will take a little longer a bit less all clean plate I food under the film and Let stand up for 20 minutes until potatoes like
  • 01:30: once cooked potatoes ready and while he hot tea him personally and also all until potatoes bitterness and send cheese all is well mix the dough ready prepared minced We begin to develop our hychiny guided by the size of its
  • 02:00: frying pan at me a large frying pan Now we take and an equal number of dough and stuffing can be take advantage of rolling pin but I like this Here is an easy hands Mash to a patty put in ball and your neatly dough collect the top Now I have the dough stick but honestly I do not I want to add more flour do not know how much is
  • 02:30: correctly but I they want to turned gentle and Now gently carefully here and so about patty to flatten the filling does not leak and now they tackle little and gently trying not to damage roll out dough thin and rank women a dry frying pan without oil when one party fry turn over and
  • 03:01: Now while it is still hot grease it butter hoo what flavor is, I Already looking forward to how it is delicious good good can uh ah ah so without sparing generously if you done correctly and filling nowhere I broke up the dough at I would like so can be inflated that's so cool
  • 03:30: these beauties we turned out delicious and fragrant put them pile here now so will cut into 4 pieces each can be can get all the best delicious fragrant piece top put the ass let it flows back look inside which turned hychiny thin delicious wrap like that and tasty yah that friends are very very tasty
  • 04:01: I recommend necessarily prepare a Snacks put on us a lot of likes and does not Remember to subscribe we will continue cook and delight you tasty and simple dishes with you had another food until