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  • 00:00: Hello friends you are on the channel are preparing since May to the fair and I'm glad to welcome you today I suggest preparing very tasty tomatoes in vegetable filling are preparing quickly Varenitsa within 12 hours and delicious we will need tomatoes from me 15 pieces per two liter
  • 00:31: jars green onions Bulgarian peppers and bitter and garlic vinegar salt, sugar, spices, hops, and vegetable oil greens I took coriander and dill, but the greens can be taken any on Your discretion is small and cut [music] onion bell pepper bitter pepper and garlic we chop in a meat grinder Bulgarian
  • 01:03: pepper I cleaned beforehand under 7 add salt spices sugar vegetable oil vinegar and greens mix leave ten minutes for salt and sugar tomatoes dissolved evenly cut arbitrarily if large on four pieces if small in two pieces I [music]
  • 01:36: took two liter jars screw caps lay out a layer of tomatoes from above goes the way his tomatoes passed through it potting tomatoes pouring to the brim jars [music] closed with lids and recommended turn over first to bottom
  • 02:06: Tomatoes were you turn the overtake on top and the bottom is marinated, but I fill it turns out full jars here such tomatoes we have turned out try to cook it will be glad if you like thanks that look my video subscribe to my channel health to you and your loved ones