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  • 00:00: [music] you want to find yourself in a looking glass for tea with a crazy hatter take a walk with Alice and the white rabbit as pet rather watch our videos we go in the world of looking through the mirror right now oh who is this climbed into his arms to the fox yes it's white
  • 00:32: rabbit but maybe the March rabbit, however, is not important The hatter and rushed through all the traffic jams on roads through the looking glass that his hair was a little disheveled It is necessary to correct the packing with new styling agent printed label aerosol paints and hatter completely out of the mind he wants to dye his head with an aerosol paint what for at it and so rich hair color But it turned out that in the looking-glass instead of
  • 01:03: paint such cans pour lacquer for hair on watt insane styling is ready the hatter got tired of jumping around with a mirror you need to refresh yourself offers him an interesting book for what hatter is not able to drink letters and hatter this is a book of juice with an unnecessary shabby books we remove the cover we cut paper
  • 01:36: block by the size of the juice package I need the width and glue the juice to the paper block wall pack the juice with a piece of paper cover slit pasting books the missing part of the root is glued colored paper and now everything is clear to me. quenched his thirst for knowledge using a book juice hatter like a real dumb-bolt
  • 02:06: climbed to the very top but now he does not can reach out to a pizza that brought Alice and she and beckons hungry hatter and yellow air plasticine we make cake and pizza round shape we print for slices of salami between them simulate the texture of melted cheese we paint pizza with acrylic paints we cover from above with a transparent varnish
  • 02:36: circle pizza on a notepad leaving a spiral mount we paste the pizza on the cover of the hatter not wants to tie up alice refuses to serve him pizza finally alice took pity on the other all his gastronomic dreams collapsed it turned out that pizza is just the hatsman wants to go quickly use your pizza notebook this
  • 03:06: whole album not enough only paints do not matter Alice learned to paint and sweet fizzy prepare a few empty cans from soda are bred in ade multi-colored food colors for each bank selects the dye corresponding color painted water in jars through the watering can cocktail ducts with glue brushes and
  • 03:36: paste in a jar with tassels down hatter wants to drink a phantom at once hurry up this soda can draw pictures and in the tubes hide the brushes But the drawing lesson did not last long the hatter turns a phantom back in the soda she still screams drink this hatter of alice worse looks into the racket and the hat qnet rises
  • 04:08: their real mad hatter is not the point volume to admire the racket auto look in the mirror to the racket for table tennis glue round mirror Tennis balls from the set will be replaced by ios and matching colors Alice looks in A real mirror and a hatter again for Its instead of moisturizing the lips balsam he tosses ios and instead of a ball for ping-pong
  • 04:38: looking through your beauty rituals [music] in the looking-glass happened a nuisance the hat of a mad hatter is gone catastrophe [music] where did the most beautiful hat go? Through the mirror, the pattern of the hat is cut to We transfer the measurements to the felt by cutting out the same part is made of glutinous
  • 05:12: we paste together cardboard Spider web and felt with hot iron in the center we cut a circle this is a field hats cut the inner circle by perimeter for gluing elements papered cardboard with felt side bend serifs on the same principle do the rest of the parts glue the details [music] lining fabric sewn pouch shape
  • 05:43: and we paste in the inside of the hat hat with a wide strip of satin fabric we form soft coils and fix the tape hot-melt adhesive for a long sewing needle large bead toning decorative a pin with golden and silvery tint let's draw a few of these pins girl x at a price of ten shillings and six
  • 06:13: pence decorate the hat with a peacock feather and pins we insert a label under a tape [music] hatter looked under every bush can his hat hid in the kitchen over a cup No where does it seek to drown his hatter woe in cups of strong tea But Alice hurries to please him not to be sad my friend your precious hat was found the hatter can not enjoy the sight hatter like a white rabbit
  • 06:44: without ears [music] Through the looking-glass it becomes all wonders and miracles The hatter decided to use his hat on he will show tricks first we pull out of the hat a mysterious fruit is not what I was looking for a toothbrush I do not even know whose it is barmagloth he finally what you need sweet white chocolate plate
  • 07:14: melt and douse the air balloon to half evenly distribute chocolate on the surface and leave congeal on a foil stand When chocolate hardens, we blow and take out the ball with a knife we ​​correct the edges of chocolate a plate of alice wants to put in a plate mysterious fruit and what do you like that in Through the Looking Glass all the way around here you can safely eat a plate of alice
  • 07:44: not used to eat dishes this is against rules of etiquette forget about it better treat yourself to bite off a piece of sweet enamel chocolate he and the looking glass of chocolate alice has a little hat for hatter gift and the miracle player hatter is very happy finally he will listen to the music but not here it was and the look of this player is made of soap
  • 08:16: cut out the printed image screen player laminate scotch shavings soap base melting in microwave oven fill the silicone mold image display and fill in and we are on top when the soap freezes, we cut it off player size The hatter expected from the player not such effect he is accustomed to and wash his hands of the race a month so this is where his lair will last long
  • 08:47: he has a reciprocal gift that's cute muffin and yellow bast we cut the shape of a heart embedded in a silicone mold for a cake on top squeeze out the shaving foam and sprinkle glitter just do not rush Try this cupcake alice he did not edible alice walks and hatter collects brushwood and a potion for healing
  • 09:22: tea But practical Alice suggests not to carry everything in the hands and use for this purpose a shirt in unnecessary shirt with gluey collar Cut off the sleeves and seal the armholes the bottom of the shirt is also sealed and flatten the folded shirt in half and fix on the sides cut off excess turn out the resulting bag
  • 09:52: sew the chain for the handle decorate the button and pocket the floor beads hatter is sure that her friend brought him change clothes but he does not goes the cage of their mad hatter this shirt is not for you but for yours herbarium on the mad tea party brought the nutella perfectly hatter loves wafers chocolate oh this is not
  • 10:23: chocolate paste empty jar from but prices pour liquid brown soap color cut before locked in the lid nutelles make holes hot with a pistol and in a cool base poor hatter look do not start hiccup soap bubbles Wafers with soap do not like even such madman like our hatter it's better to have a good old English tea like our trip
  • 10:53: the looking-glass then write in the comments which of the amazing things you liked most of all and do not forget to put like this video subscribe to our channel and click on the bell to prevent miss new fabulous stories on channel ground room [music]