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Definition of the beginning and end of windings of the three-phase electric motor (easy way)  See details »



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  • 00:00: its hotels are notes to connect him in the network and in the terminal the six wires completely without A hole without marking what to do in such situation in this I'll show video how determine the beginning and
  • 00:30: winding ends three-phase electric motor type 4 x 700 x 71 a-430 it is important to solve it power 50 0 55 kilowatt as you know the winding stator of asynchronous three-phase engine consists of three windings shifted relatively friend friend for 120 electrical degrees so here
  • 01:00: the first step in definition of the beginning and winding ends asynchronous engine is determination of accessories all six conclusions to relevant windings like this is done well in first priority prepare the biscuits made such small so here we have 6 holes
  • 01:40: from marking them respectively u1 u2 in 1 1 u2 this is our first winding
  • 02:11: in 1 in two tones the second winding and w1 w2 is here 3 coil w1 and w2 I remind you that this is a new
  • 02:43: marking according to Guest 26 720 285 Previously the engine were labeled much easier as s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 is-6 here and there occurs marking is simply 123456 somewhere there marking 1 n 1 to there this is the first winding two n 2 to is the second winding i try and river this Honestly say chose not quite
  • 03:13: a good example of this as here it is seen that start for example deduced by one side and ends windings are the other side nothing less than that the bar itself but in general no or all six ends its here on the one hand therefore, no matter how I shall tell less so what do we look for the first winding is risen at the blunt one on any of the conclusions and beginning in order search our pair
  • 03:44: no no no no no this is our first the winding was found by the way I'm all resistance is 13 you and so it is arbitrary dressing so it is with us here is the winding clothing in one here two here then look for the second
  • 04:17: our winding this is our second winding and watch also the 13th on it Dress up the birochka do not dress birochki в1 c2 in an arbitrary order and check our third
  • 04:51: winding here she is to the pilgrims also the 13th and we dress on it accordingly tags w1 and w2 in the end we have it turned out in the engine motor terminal blocks 6 conclusions with them birochkami
  • 05:22: cambric arbitrary form take the first winding 1 and u2 and connect it with the second winding v1 and v2 Recalling that these Notation in our country conditional is the beginning winding into one here her end of winding 1 connected by the beginning second skein and vodka is the end of us windings in 2 that is 2 brand n2
  • 05:53: to output one and two I am giving an alternate Voltage 220 V you can file and lower voltage for example 100 volts or there is 60 volts but to me more convenient enjoy directly voltage in the network then there are variables with a voltage of 220 volts Do not forget take into account the fact that so that the windings stood the voltage that you submit them to that is I have an engine
  • 06:24: has a nominal Voltage 220 to 380 Volts that is nominal the voltage of the windings 220 volt I now serve 220 volt for 2 coils now i'm falling on output 1 and v 2 supply voltage 220 volts and the third skeins В1 в2 I measure voltage if the multimeter will show some values
  • 06:54: voltage is then 1 2 the windings are mine is included and agreed if output voltage the third skein will be equal to zero or have a heart small value then it means winding included that means first second winding I have 3 included meetings on the let's see what It turned out that this we are connected device multimeter for variable
  • 07:24: tension so I include 220 volts the engine a little bit will as you can see voltage is 061 volts it is very small meaning therefore we conclude that Winding I connected all the same meetings on therefore on the second I'm winding now swap birochki в1 and в2 and again I will make measurements in general that I changed here's a hole in 1s in 2
  • 07:54: they were the other way around now I connect on also the same scheme the end windings from 1 u2 me you need to connect with in one she in 2 to submit food is so here served a new The double end of Oy-2 and in one connected on the terminal it turn on the voltage 220 volts and watch
  • 08:24: stresses on the third skeins here's the engine launched on two phases voltage is 15 volts this already shows that that we are on these windings correctly determined the beginning and ends well, well, there are we have a small case it is to find the beginning and the end of 3 moths to now connected multimeter the first winding and
  • 08:54: third trickery I connect the same way she is the second winding I measure the voltage as in the first case all the same way here switched here winding u1 here end of winding u2 connect it with the beginning windings 3 coils in 1a finally the third windings in 2 fed 220 volt power supply the voltage will be shoot for 2 turbo c1 go
  • 09:26: the engine hums voltage is 0 9 volts and the engine hums there is this already talking about that the windings uncoordinated connected [music] as you saw from past measurement then with an agreed including windings the engine is even began to rotate now we change pin labeling 3 winding and connect
  • 09:56: the same way but only with new marking so Well, here's a super switched end of the first winding we connected to birochku in one that is at the beginning of the third windings and finally third coil we connected the power with the second windings v1 and v2 we relieve tension turn on the power drove well, that's how see the engine started
  • 10:26: yours is not included multimeter well voltage is 15 volts then all in principle beginnings and ends We are winding ourselves I now it's all sorted out I paint the ends windings I leave the current this existing which we found and connects relevant
  • 10:57: the engine itself so that it check from mains voltage so the ends of the veins I draw with isolated round tips such a move with help the relevant press keys he pressed all the end here you see also connected windings motor circuit triangle is who
  • 11:27: forgot here established must be installed 3 The jumpers here me hairpin 1 broken on the shoe therefore I connected directly to one hairpin now connect the engines to three-phase network with line voltage 220 volts do not confuse line voltage is there a tension between the face of 220 volts that's why connection with this I and connected the engine to triangle circuit here
  • 11:58: see the engine you can connect either triangle into the network in a three-phase network 220 volts or a star in three-phase network 380 volts and so now connect power connecting the voltage network so but everything is from me ready to go working
  • 12:35: so you can to conclude that beginnings and ends windings our engine three-phase engine we found rightly exists several Yet ways to define beginnings and ends windings
  • 13:05: electric motor but personally I use it is this way why this because he the simplest is not requires some special special equipment of some kind special devices that is, we find beginnings and ends winding with our own same network voltage and conventional multimeter you have no multimeter can be used conventional voltmeter by the way one more and common method of determining
  • 13:35: beginnings and ends windings electric motor is a method test or method tyka also defines at first accessories two wires who or another winding and further connect them manure then including engine network and look at behavior engine that is if the engine works unstably hears much
  • 14:06: poorly rotated take any winding disables change it places and check again here is there are three options if you do not get into the second time in the third once accurately guess with connectivity engine that is as if you will the beginning and the winding ends electric motor but if you're interested see how the engine works with one inverted
  • 14:37: winding that is now I'm this thing Simulate and you I'll show you now purposely connected one winding on the contrary and We'll see how it goes work in this engine see how much buzzes works perfectly differently strongly buzzes [applause] so long i hold under voltage not I will because engine in addition which is very strong
  • 15:07: will be he is very quickly heats up there is here it a little bit worked and he already the windings have heated up look again see sambuco [applause] and even more warmed up so we switched about back again
  • 15:37: I say that the engine very hot that is, while I am now here switched literally two or three minutes you can faster straight already became he is still hot in pity what is at the moment thermal imagers do not so would for the sake of interest could to measure the temperature Well, let it again for comparison as engine and how to start engine with normal the inclusion of windings children will be a person
  • 16:10: I hope this video was useful for you to whom she liked it put a husky subscribe to channel Well and with you as always was dmitry author of a site notes electrician to new meetings