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  • 00:00: I welcome you all with my kitchen Today I will make of pumpkin I will bake something and for this I want first prepare the pumpkin pumpkins I have this is such a two of these me pumpkin and I washed it well it is necessary because it remains peel
  • 00:31: this is a sort of pumpkin that you can eat together with Crimea look at the beauty of half an hour and ready oven all you see is what the skin in this one she's all the whole It will go away and there it is woke up right crushed here on no to no, please, this is such a variety but it will be able to stuffing so here
  • 01:04: I'm so here with me kilogram of flour here comes at me batch of baking powder this is 15 grams of baking powder baking soda can be said here So or soda with citric acid and how not I know how to exactly do it, but this eg
  • 01:35: it is much tastier than baking soda baking powder and loosening itself Do not feel about baking soda if somewhere you always add it eating therefore often extinguishes it here I will pour out yeast here their 7 grams is also straight in flour in too I will mix for example
  • 02:06: if I now all pour out and whatever it was, it did not start the reaction is such a soda of his friends is I kneaded it all mixed and added to the flour so here I will add salt per kilogram I will take flour, for example, such one and a half teaspoons of salt and add too, I mix and add such a good
  • 02:36: tablespoon table sugar even two spoons probably all the same I have and the filling is the same will be sweet 2 good tablespoons sugar mix everything now so I have here I prepared a half liter warm whey if you look mine rollers then you know that I did kurt and I have a lot of serum I now
  • 03:09: I use it everywhere very tasty sour such sour-milk product you can do simply on kefir is a dough as I show it so since the serum is such as this Well, as you explain, I'm a fish The doors were removed from there , so I add here 200 grams 4 can in dough 4 24 percent you sour cream Here so now we measure and here euro
  • 03:41: a new such glass I have such height and one more so that's what I get here dough I will now stir and
  • 04:11: look though I still have serum generally should look at the consistency all the same serum liquor cottage what is it with I did not wake up today or something kefir or that you will take some milk product here but should see for yourself when you knead the dough so that it was not too liquid for you but it was not so hard I will now be Do I need to see more serum or
  • 04:41: no it will show I'm slowly mixing mix the flour This is the dough in the middle and this time and mixing once and mix I think it will be enough now look yes enough it's felt
  • 05:19: Then if you stick to your hands severely it is possible to pick up a little bit here so much flour and that's how I now mix it now good mix then I'll show you further the dough kneaded It's not too soft to understood but not thick should such a pleasant wipe to the total 700 grams of liquid per kilogram of flour now I am adding here this spoon
  • 05:53: sunflower oil and it must be done hand and I should take my hand here so on the hand and then again and without it so once and all and I'll let you lie down while I have prepared May because
  • 06:24: I close the lid and put it in a warm place apologizing did not include me so well the dough has approached and I do not know took off or not so I'll take half the dough and here's mine pumpkin is already such a ready-made beauty interrupted blender we will do now chair of labor or we will do so I'll probably refund the dough this way
  • 06:54: sunflower oil could not be removed unroll [music] it will not be such a dough that stretch there is not no need to stay and a little test it will be ours
  • 07:24: village everyone with difficulty does did more on yeast which is simple baked bread is such a test, too, did [music] so any dough can be removed now I I look that to me there was a length of a leaf it enough now I'm adding here I add that is I smear a pumpkin
  • 07:57: at the very end , here is more, but here with a smaller edge so it's done very fast where necessary
  • 08:32: you can stretch a little bit like this and that all here I have prepared the Rest paper and I take it closely so good that it will be stretched and attacked then I will lubricate the egg and so I will do now here is here to fit the rice
  • 09:04: Now here again pressed a little oil on the dough that without Flour do and will roll out can stretch too, will go so I see what was exactly So
  • 09:53: here in the end more as I said here is less So it will be such a sweet delicious pie my childhood to and how much my mom has them remade how I will remember we loved them so much on Saturdays with coffee Generally a pumpkin and there must have been coffee
  • 10:30: remember before this kind of coffee was then cheap which is again and or in pans still such barley from this coffee is was and we can say with this roll pumpkin roll standing in German this is called strings a in Russian this is called the roulette That roll remembered you to appreciate, they are so farther
  • 11:03: I spread it here and be afraid he will not tear such a dough good so that's how to do everything third Case 3 rolls hit one egg here no no yolk never does it always take a whole egg well in I shoot down the primary and cover it well with
  • 11:35: all parties and ladies now a little bit we will not bake probably at 190 by 200 degrees because that when you bake rolls you do not have to forget that this rolled up dough it should be well pumped this is not so when the whole dough is therefore It is necessary to take a temperature not too
  • 12:06: high that it would slowly come down I would put the stove in general on 190 between 190 and load or but I now have to do on 190 Since the dough I added sugar I I hope that she will blush me make friends now that I'm baking now it can be so with
  • 12:39: half an hour at this time I will do others pies roll their labor only if pulled look at what handsome with this simple test is not a century and baking and there is not added oh you are beautiful what is there to say now that the crust will cool such ruddy can be lubricated with creamy oil under the whole leg softly-gently but it's no good about I tell you what I want, I want to
  • 13:09: to tell many may not know it sometimes You pull out the pies and they have a slide but a hard one and many, and she was soft can simply butter mandarin can with no butter well The same income is not the same, but Strongly but lubricate will put a soft will silk on this with you saying goodbye all the best during the pumpkin I would show here are such recipes
  • 13:42: like you can also try all in all, stay alive are healthy until I cut a roll and remembered that I told you He did not show an apology in the section and here I am showing you it in so he looks like I just see it rolled and he did not care this is my rather puffy Here I am now cutting into such pieces and
  • 14:12: Freezing when necessary and pulling on a piece will last for a long time