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  • 00:00: [music] Hello today, we are preparing a light summer dessert without baking delicious vanilla chocolate ice cream with a cookie is literally 5 minutes You just have to wait until dessert will freeze the freezer confidently all and children and adults will simply be delighted with such a dessert it is very it is convenient to take portionwise see two
  • 00:31: cookies and inside the ice cream and enjoy in the summer heat so wonderful dessert on my channel about a thousand recipes of delicious dishes to easy to find the recipe you need just write in search of youtube such ludaeasycook combination and the name of the dish or any word on the topic and in order to prepare this wonderful summer dessert I need fat cream at least than thirty-three percent four hundred mililitre powdered sugar
  • 01:02: approximately 50 grams of course if you love more sweet ice cream add more sugar powder 1 a tablespoon of cocoa will be added Vanilla extract one teaspoon and of course I will need cookies any biscuit biscuits which you will find me for example, I really like this cookie she's so thin on top with sugar and with coffee taste and first we 'll skip the cream of cream I add powdered sugar and vanilla extract
  • 01:34: I just want to remind so that the cream will whip well must be fatty and cold whisk [music] I whipped the cream to such medium peaks not too dense and now part whipped cream for Here you can define another bowl how much do you make chocolate
  • 02:05: cream to have more than Vanilla or less it is already on your discretion in deferred cream I add cocoa powder and good stir [music] and so I got these chocolate cream chocolate bars I shift into vanilla and now very quick and easy to mix I do not want
  • 02:37: to mix to homogeneity but just to such interesting divorces have turned out now we will form Our dessert I took here is such a glass the form was covered and with food film then dessert was easier to get and cut into portions the size of the form I 15 by 25 centimeters on the bottom is generally better all use the form that such perfectly rectangular not diverging to on top of these are the sides I have dessert
  • 03:08: it will not be exactly equal, then I'll I will prune to be beautiful and now I'll show you closer such a cookie I use to see me coffee biscuit very tasty and fragrant and now I spread cookies form [music] and from above I spread the whipped cream
  • 03:40: raznevnayu spatula and now on top I spread out cookies again [music] and in fact our dessert is ready close it with food film left
  • 04:12: as they say the most difficult thing to wait when everything freezes the freezer now I send the dessert to the freezer about an hour for 4 of course to this everything at us has well frozen and so I have time passed and dessert froze in fridge my ice cream is ready give ice cream a little warm up when room temperature and then you can cut into pieces a la carte right in I'm going to cut the ice cream now
  • 04:44: Portionally cut straight between cookies [music] [music] so now you see with a film now everything will be very easy get to see it looks like this very cool ice cream course
  • 05:17: see as I told you and it turns out not quite smooth because the shape is going slightly widening upwards these edges can be cut so that it beautiful and of course eat it time and I want to show you see These are obtained by ice cream beautiful divorces have turned out and see now for beauty I'm just like this its a little bit smoother blame and it turns out very beautifully and an ice-cream portion that is nice
  • 05:47: submit to the table and such a dessert is very conveniently stored in the refrigerator cut portions were folded into close the container with a lid and Send to the freezer when want sweet friends I'm with a lot of pleasure I adore ice cream now to try it I see I'm not hiding this ice cream because that at me all home sit around and wait when you can try I eat
  • 06:17: very tasty here mixed such tastes of vanilla chocolate and I have a coffee biscuit that's insanely tasty deliciously cook try I'm sure you'll be in summer enjoy and will be very satisfied and Of course I want to say what is ice cream this is certainly a safe ice cream because that you made it yourself and there is no
  • 06:47: Always prepare the line and all treat and I wish everyone a pleasant appetite write husks write share this new video with your friends subscribe to my canal ludaeasycook positive cuisine to everyone till [music] [music]