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  • 00:00: and again hello, dear friends, you again on the channel repairman TV and what I do I hold in my hand these two anchors from one and of the same electric tool in this case this is dewalt jigsaw jigsaw model dewalt d in 349 bhp so here I am now a jig saw I will repair one anchor in it shorted turns 2 anchors fully working and it should be put
  • 00:32: tool but the theme of today's video will both diagnose who and anchors and what measuring devices you can use for this so we look so I will use to measure analog analogue instrument view model 43 104 and a digital multimeter. 64 is not completely visible here
  • 01:06: name but a hundred is not that it's digital The device is an analog device and up to a heap I will show how I check the age-old with a throttle like this hand-made device where it will easily show where the secular but where it does not exist and so for the beginning I I show how I measure one kind and a
  • 01:38: here is the kind of someone and because genuinely brushes but in this case The anchor of a small wire is thin and century-old laminate to together adjacent lamella kai and not too convenient and nothing will show the multimeter especially such a household
  • 02:08: not very accurate most often with inaccuracy somewhere in the 0 5 1 ohm is the error of the styli If the winding here is of the order there itself can have a 0 3 0 2 ohm view whom and between the neighboring stone slabs and It will show how to deal with this Here are considered lamella key well there is here
  • 02:38: such dark areas here are lighter The plot can be seen that there is a krill and moreover words were really trying to be sincere nothing worked of course I had to order a new anchor new The anchor came along with the bracket or as the memory plate is also called I saw less of the notch on the slots anchors apparently where possible that he was standing
  • 03:10: of the floor in passing I will say that maybe this The disassembly of the new tool was so sent me a dewalt service and a detail of the this is such a small digression and so working and non-working anchors are not here I tentatively placed here and we are at 200 m minimum value
  • 03:42: always check the error of styli here is my error guetta 06 05 06 Ohm Pau Amma error allowed normal for this class of devices if Gaugeable adjacent lamella that ki shows me Look at the value 1 and 2 -05
  • 04:12: somewhere 06 ohms resistance one We can deploy windings further measure and and so on cypher numbers jump on them understanding can not do anything well, so that kind of whom and in such anchors is very difficult
  • 04:45: check though here here where I measured can be the kind of person and I always advise in such cases, call for availability breakage on the lamina ki if there is no breakage see whether there is a burnout Between the lamellas there are no torn edges on lamellar ki there in a circle is possible such a if this is not a
  • 05:16: sincerely and still there is such a one method here is to check here is the cross crosswise now I put two probes on opposite lamella ki to become them with probes and we look that at us it turns out here value shows all 3 1 ohm Well, minus of course the error can be Count 2 and 42 and 5 ohms so unfold approximately 90 degrees again
  • 05:49: we stand on opposite slices of ki values ​​completely different disappeared than more than twice today's seventh well it is possible and in the same way to trace neighboring lamellar ki again scroll another value 6 2 ohms Well , you can see on the face that something with an anchor is not
  • 06:21: the order it was with the winding somewhere that she tint in one winding adjacent windings can pumping between them there is here such a method it is more accurate if you can not check kind of whom and between neighboring lamellas kimi you can try this completely semicircle divided by 2 happiness schematically draw what we measure nora
  • 06:51: they differ in importance be the same here as in this version I take a new one on the opposite lamellar ki that I get 4 and 8 4 and 7 Ohm so unfolds about 90 degrees but here approximately I say here there is not any clarity on
  • 07:21: how many degrees of it to deploy all opposite lamellae should show the same value here 4 847 once again slightly twist so measure the same, we get this anchor fully working with this problem with the isolation of the turns further I showed on
  • 07:53: digital multimeter like this all check the multimeter recall error it's 0 5 ohm it's worth considering further I schematically now draw that I am the least suppose I now draw the armature windings Here I'm such a figurine invented myself
  • 08:25: it will not be so beautiful but I think it will be clearly and so I became slatted opposite multimeter I had somehow everyone saw this here there will be a winding here it not dots I shall draw it will be lamellas ki this is finite wrong I drew but still schematic I think it will be understandable so
  • 08:57: I measured between opposite lamellae Komi, I got some kind of resistance what is the resistance let me say this quarter this value this is a quarter of the total armature windings and so if the entire anchor of all the windings have the total allowable 16th is half Has 8 ohm but if I attached to these
  • 09:29: points of the probe I measured two windings in total this semicircle and this semicircle if this is also imaginary 8 ohm and this is the 8th in parallel, they will show exactly 4 ohms that's why I say that this value is there was a quarter of all the armature windings and so
  • 10:01: we measure everything with an analog device here can be adjusted 0 level the error of the probes is all visible to the scale I I think so I anchor and put on it is not a worker anchor put on the opposite in
  • 10:36: america get about 1 and 1a I'm guided on a scale like this we rotate here at once five somewhere 5 and 2 ohms watching still turning the put on opposite one a little more than 1 and 2 and 55 something somewhere about 5 8 ohms and that is
  • 11:18: clearly the arrow shows that here not all in the order further the working anchor is put on opposite lamellae ki so clearly arrow shows around 3 and 2 ohms unfold exactly such a value yet
  • 11:49: turn it is possible we have a working anchor that is, there are no problems here. on the 3rd tool that I measure Anchor and so 3 device is the same choke for Checking the turn of the vault closure anchors
  • 12:24: different tools , if not It turns out to digital devices if not is obtained by an analog device from me there is here such a hand-made device I have a video about him that's ordinary choke wound from asynchronous engine show 1 put it on our a non-working anchor is plugged into the socket
  • 12:57: immediately such a rumble and take the nail file this cloth from nail files for metal from the nail file adheres to the iron [music] and makes such a rattling sound [music] here
  • 13:36: does not publish anything here does not stick [music] here again begins to stick and vibrate [music] a again does not stick their [music]
  • 14:08: we turn off I put obviously worker anchor including in the grate the nail file does not vibrate not magnetized to iron [music]
  • 14:39: a [music] all The secret here is that it is vertical to check if here to displace it will also need to vibrate wrong check will be correct just vertical and up
  • 15:09: check the magnetic circuit and so absolutely working anchor can install Well, this one, of course, I'll take off the bracket bearings good probably also useful and the anchor on blossom well, dear friends
  • 15:40: so you can measure the anchors I think this video was useful to someone and to whom she is very well help that you can put like I can also evaluate my work dislajki this is also welcomed by me I always welcome constructive criticism and if anyone can tell something to tell what I do not know I
  • 16:10: is always open and ready for a constructive dialogue so dear friends will finish everyone is happily in a good mood and always serviceable goodbye tool