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  • 00:00: All greetings today I cook chocolate honey cake is one of the most loved desserts to my family I run it usually on great holidays its stunning taste is hard to describe words it is necessary to try bright chocolate taste delicate notes of honey very tasty into a refractory bowl or saucepan break 3 eggs add 30 grams of butter we put 2 canteens spoons of honey 200 grams of sugar add one teaspoon of soda with We put a pot of water on the fire
  • 00:30: the appropriate size is brought to a boil it will be a water bath put the bowl and we keep on a water bath for five minutes constantly stirring the oil should be good warm up we remove from a water bath add 320 grams of sifted flour mix put again on a water bath keep on water bath for another five minutes constantly stir
  • 01:01: on the table sift 160 grams of flour put dough knead fast dough divide it directly into 8 parts take one part and roll out the circle about a little more than twenty in diameter two centimeters, if necessary, poured to and that the dough does not stick
  • 01:33: because they are baked quickly roll out a little more sprinkled flour and piled on top of each other put one cake on a baking sheet covered with baking paper or just sprinkled baking tray baking at 180 degrees 5-7 minutes to golden color for how hot it is immediately cut to the desired diameter y me 22 centimeters all the same we will do with the rest of the cakes prepare the cream in a pan pour 200 gram of sugar add vanillin through a sieve we sift 80 grams of flour and 2
  • 02:06: tablespoons cocoa powder with a slide all the good mix now dry mixture pour 800 milliliters of milk and mix it is most convenient to mix it with a whisk add 120 grams of butter put on average fire and cook a lot until it thickens constantly stir slowly that the cream is not burnt by the time it takes about 7 minutes give the cream and completely cool it up
  • 02:36: cake we put the cake with cream on top next and so all 8 cakes grease with cream side and top of the cake to decorate at will I drew a spoon drawing and sprinkled with coconut chips now give cake soak 5-7 hours and best left for the night in fridge cake is obtained very delicious and tender thanks to thin
  • 03:06: appetizing cakes impregnated with chocolate cream if you liked the recipe then put likes write comments it is not difficult for you and I will be very pleased subscribe to my channel in order not to skip new videos they come out every day I wish you Bon appetite cook deliciously and please your relatives and friends