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  • 00:00: hello to you channel is ready window and now we are preparing a very tasty and a delicacy of tea from cottage cheese it will be gentle soft and delicious cottage cheese rolls they are prepared very simply and quickly and if you like baking cottage cheese unite with me and let's cook together here are such simple products to me today you need to prepare cottage cheese is combined with soft creamy oil and mash it is most convenient it to do a little day of potatoes drive one egg here add pinch
  • 00:31: salt sugar and vanilla sugar continue to grind that all products mixed several tricks I add sifted flour can immediately be added baking powder and knead soft elastic dough [music] look at this kind of dough turns out it is very soft and elastic and quite
  • 01:02: does not stick to your hands Now we put the test in a bag and in refrigerator for 30 minutes so she rested it took 30 minutes to divide the dough for about two identical parts surface slightly profit a and flour and roll each part in a circle with a diameter of approximately 30 centimeters I rolled the dough thickly with my it turned out somewhere 3-4 millimeters and
  • 01:33: Now we divide the circle into sectors so that we got triangles [music] I got 16 triangles and now we will form bagels then is from the whole quantity of the test we have will get 32 ​​bagels and now here form sell sold wrap and each bagel is dipped in sugar one side and side not with a bagel dips
  • 02:05: sugar is not needed bagels I spread on a baking sheet parchment paper the oven is heated to 180 ° C degrees and will bake our bagels about 30-35 minutes everything is ready for me see what handsome men turned out very fragrant let it cool down a little and we will submit [music]
  • 02:36: Here's a delicious shake we with you today prepared bagels are very delicious and gentle and soft, they are the same the next day but usually eaten Immediately try to cook this a delicacy and we are sure to you also very much I like it and I'm saying goodbye to you today. I wish you a pleasant tea and good tea moods thanks for watching our channel put like if you like the recipe and write your comments but we'll see you very soon