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Cake Honey ANGARSK cake the recipe WITHOUT EXPANSION of CAKE LAYERS the simple available recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All greetings with you Lera and the channel is prepared with love today we will bake very much delicious gentle and soft honey cake Angara without rolling the cakes A quick and simple result is prepared just stunning watch the video cook with me and your sweet
  • 00:30: the table will be the most delicious beautiful for We need the following products 150 grams of oil 200 grams of sugar 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon soda 2 eggs and 2 cups flour or 300 grams take the pan or bowl as convenient for you lay out here 150 grams of oil to Add sugar and 2 tablespoons oil
  • 01:05: We put this mixture on fire mass is brought to a boil one no coke case we do not boil very conveniently sugar must be mixed with whisk to dissolve honey to melt the oil already open and now add one a teaspoon of soda stir mass
  • 01:36: it starts to foam in us 20 seconds that's holding on the fire a lot of honey soda to extinguish the fire and switch off all but horses turned off
  • 02:10: Once again they mixed the corolla of the bass now it must be cooled by our mixture cooled down add here 2 eggs are very convenient whisk in no event Do not add eggs to the hot mixture. you just get bogged down and curled up well placed feature of this
  • 02:43: We will not roll out the honey cake corn the cake is prepared simply and quickly and it turns out very tasty so try to make a honey cake on this recipe now add flour and well stir gradually adding not all at once the last part of the flour is added to the dough [music]
  • 03:13: stir well is all the more difficult and It is more difficult to interfere since the dough should be thick and viscous well, moderately dense course here she is a bunch of this dough our ready it must be homogeneous shiny without lumps
  • 03:45: I took a large baking tray 30 by 40 standard and visually divide the dough into 2 parts I like this recipe of honey cake because we do not always have time
  • 04:16: bake cakes and thinly roll them out You can cook a cake for this recipe and will also taste delicious with honey aroma creams are obtained parchment take good quality when Cakes with ease will depart from parchment and you will not have any problems we send the honey crust to the preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees on
  • 04:48: average level the skin was baked for 10 minutes, it is very soft you want to show you how much he Soft if the camera transmits here it is very very nice with bright pronounced honey aroma and see how easy it is to remove the parchment do with the second part of the test I have turned out 2 magnificent large cakes
  • 05:20: now the edges we prune this cake Ideal for home tea drinking tasty and quick preparation and if you want to make this cake on birthday should be doubled portion and bake big beautiful and delicious now we cut the cake into two more parts and we will get a rectangular cake of four cakes
  • 05:52: that's the cutscene crush blender here is such a beautiful We got this mug this baby we we will decorate the cake for the cream to us the following 700 products will be needed grams of sour cream I took sour cream fat content of 21 percent 1 pack of vanilla sugar and 150 grams
  • 06:23: normal sugary look sour cream from me was with the store so I put it on a Through gauze all night gauze I squaw gave two layers is a prerequisite and here see excess fluid I just poured off and the liquid that was extracted from sour cream and now we have thick and luxurious cream now we will prepare the cream
  • 06:53: sour cream kitchen machines see what it is like here add sugar here too add a sachet of vanilla sugar for poppy and we will beat a lush mass first smashed to the small to the floor so long as methane was placed with sugar [applause]
  • 07:23: now look what beautiful turned out a magnificent sour cream therefore see those who say that from the store sour cream impossible to cook delicious cream is a myth it can be cooked if you comply with all the rules but if you have did not turn out so splendidly homogeneous cream it turned out a little bit too thin get upset
  • 07:53: You can use a thickener for cream in this case me to me It will be required only by whipping this cream you should follow to avoid grains of sugar it must be fully dissolve and turn so luxuriantly beautiful cream now promazyvajem creams the cream has turned out awesome with such a slight sourness exactly what you need for a honey cake believe all the ingenious is very simple
  • 08:23: prepared and this honey cake when you Prepare you it will surprise you with your taste softness and pomp, you know this the cake can be made not only for tea but not for a birthday if it's beautiful decorate it will be an excellent dessert also you can add a layer of prunes there
  • 08:53: different dried fruits nuts I like the classic version here honey cakes sour cream it will be very tasty and tender remnants of cream grease the top of the cake and side cake It is mega delicious if you did not do honey cake for this recipe and without on prepare the result you will be pleased now sprinkle with crumbled powder tank cake
  • 09:25: sides and top of honey cake Angara without crusting ready cake is just a magical recipe simple his preparations will not take you much time and guests and friends if you try this honey cake will ask you recipe cake is just magical I advise you to cook about your relatives This soft tender honey cake cake in section
  • 09:58: say that tasty is not to say nothing soft moist cakes with honey taste and aroma smeared gentle creamy cream this cake has many advantages simple and affordable cooking quickly baked without crusting It takes time for impregnation and Has a gentle cream with light acidity perfect combination with honey cakes not the one but the fairy tale weight one
  • 10:30: kilogram 400 grams I hope you liked the recipe and also the result stay with me subscribe to my channel put like with you was anpera and the channel is prepared with love until new meetings until