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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends and my channel guests today i want show you what lies with my freezer one freezing the camera is this indesit by freezing fro frost I already showed you in Last year, what did I frostbitten in this we are with you now let's see for more convenient consideration i pulled out the bottom drawers top middle drawer I have a very
  • 00:31: much frozen greenery, namely those who did not freeze with me it is remembered and they know of course, dill as winter months forest fennel of dill a lot of two stitches these are such bandoliers me i freeze coriander and parsley that is frozen with me different ways it is very convenient in Depending on in
  • 01:03: what dish will you is to add these two bags we are with you recently this greens on winter salad by the way written set on that assorted salad here here is parsley the dill of these bandoliers them I have parsley Besides a little remnants of domestic cherries and apricots frozen greens
  • 01:37: molds for effects it for broth for soups for broth three bags after another the greens are mine is in another boxes that are worth below that's like this kenzo signed in the same way I call this cartridge is very very convenient to save a place further
  • 02:07: box is the person on green cabbage soup in winter mint Tea and Smoothies also sharp green and red pepper without him, too it's not easy here volume is only greens I think this enough, although country house and many more now in the same vertical
  • 02:39: freezer I have everything jam frozen in such bags I have you showed where their buy and like this make this juice from grapes of sultana juice is very useful for the brain and generally with beriberi and for children for adults I'm here for him almost 8 liters frozen a bit cowberries
  • 03:10: also in the same pouches frozen black currant twisted without sugar to save space and strawberry three packets I froze the strawberries forms in such from under the cupcakes is also very comfortable it's me freeze for winter smoothies without sugar is thrown in blender we add banana water and whisk
  • 03:40: very tasty this menu with bags now let's see what it is worth me up cozy freezer camera of course Strawberry frozen strawberries puree without sugar in large floor containers and small 250 grams This is all without sugar
  • 04:10: everything for winter smoothies further blueberry which we froze with you to preserve our she also sees frozen without any sugar small and large be sure signed because as I have said frozen the area looks like one person and do not understand where is the currant exactly the same frozen without sugar
  • 04:41: in small and large cups very convenient sugar can be always add on as necessary but how is it all saves space next shelf is raspberry with sugar raspberries with sugar and I doing the proportion of 30 percent of sugar sand and 70 percent Berries are for Morse on case of angina and colds and winter
  • 05:12: months or simply feast on me told about these plastic cups see how well they are worth exactly exactly two row place is saved 3 is bad it's raspberries and currant without sugar half is raspberries to go deeper into the till the wall and half is black currant
  • 05:43: this is very very Convenient in general I think vitamins we stocked up not enough looking for yourself in group he but we are until they collected Well, now let's let's see what lies in my new freezer Laurel which I acquired literally 1 month back treasure with a capacity of 200 liters he has one minus she does not have a know-how system frost, but in principle
  • 06:14: there are none freezer chest what lies behind me here let's now a little clean the top so that you can consider of course it's not all as it is the end of August there will be another September but I'll show you I consider it necessary already now can be someone also wants do the same freeze but will it's late and so on. such aubergines with
  • 06:46: you froze me showed that I freeze and pieces and whole it's cucumbers I'll clean them up a lot aside to to fall into the eggplant we drive freezing chest to get something need to remove something on top of that they are look in frozen form we with them you let them in and squeezed out excess
  • 07:16: liquid and freeze it eggplant for stuffing here I have a huge range of in fact there are 14 of them kilograms here from here to sex lard stack more goes red sweet pepper chopped straw I do so it's very very convenient filling for soup I cut with rings straws see beauty in winter fill any
  • 07:47: dish pepper here such a green and color on yours it freeze, too place to all who are interested please go to my playlist he is called pantry skillful mistress there is various frosts and pickles and jams I think many of you something for you must choose ice-cream tomatoes
  • 08:17: they look like thus the same the very stop at the sex itself is it seems that here 10 kilograms and more will be added when they will remain in the fall look so tomatoes freeze I recommend in general it's all very indispensable dish 7 you do you know how much there is a tomato in store and tomatoes they do not taste tones they are absolutely not me take for this
  • 08:48: plum and finger tomatoes because they are more fleshy in them a little moisture and simply I cut into rings by half a centimeter and here in this kind of I freeze them on who do not go to the cheeks from provisions and accession and additives and gravy you can simply fill in eggs it's us too very fond of beret vegetables slightly at let's go to Moscow pour eggs greens very tasty well
  • 09:18: Of course, how is the color cucumbers until The cucumbers were young from a thin skin I also froze them and froze very much look a number of up to sex here probably kilograms of you and cucumbers the same very I love their soups euros dream books and put out in Korean krisu one woman to me wrote obscene expressions that I frosted some
  • 09:48: freak on an amateur on taste for the color of a friend no one then that likes it somebody is a potion in general does not like someone else eats meat very much many therefore we all different peppers except such blanks beautiful rings I still froze I'll give you glasses also showed it for stuffing on the winter what here is this cherry mortar to
  • 10:18: the sex itself, we are already removed our beets I have a home bright skipped this straws on a spiral ayser this is for borscht and more a stack skipped like this cubes of course, tell me why this is done but since my dacha has been extracted grows and stores it and no where I do not have the cellar is not a cellar so I immediately her
  • 10:49: I am dicing such cubes enough for five minutes put microwave in winter and here you are already ready dish that you can made from garlic and add borsch or used in vinaigrette charge I will make a carrot straw and cube until she did there is a whole pile cauliflower very look , someone her
  • 11:19: when he lets me wrote what you need be sure blanch but I always doing so to me I like it very much how to freeze it same thing blanching when the cabbage thaws she is already so semi-soft certainly certainly same we do casseroles all the rest is right here
  • 11:49: I have a little left places here will go yet long pomegranate kidney beans carrot pumpkin bewitched and squash that we do not have time to eat I, too, will cut here and all this will go away in winter and and it will go away with a bang never anything remain very I advise you to freeze companions Try it but if the skin is already dense
  • 12:20: this skin needs clean this freezer subscribe to my channel leave your comments and up to new meetings