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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this project is another kitchen and I Today we will try a new recipe chocolate honey cake and not yet forget that today we have results drawing
  • 00:30: so come in the evening and look Well, we went for the test to us will need 70 grams of honey 150 grams of sugar 100 grams of creamy butter 2 eggs 30 grams of cocoa powder 1 A teaspoon of soda and 350 grams of flour so now put on a water bath butter sugar and honey and will wait until the sugar dissolves
  • 01:00: now interfere with soda quickly intervene 2 eggs in turn add cocoa and flour We knead our dough here this dough we get it we need to divide it into 8 equal parts took part of the test about one-eighth in this spoon with canteen Here on the parchment I wrote you 21 cm diameter of my shape which I will
  • 01:33: cut and now I roll I roll out not straight on a round just for yourself to imagine what form that is, what size should I to be a piece of dough set the oven for 5 minutes at temperature 200 degrees but see be sure to follow the they are not burnt because the ovens have all different Here's a biscuit we have now we cut out cautious look remove the extra and
  • 02:07: we remove from the sheet for a cream to us 450 grams of sour cream is needed 100 grams butter 1 egg 40 grams cornstarch and 130 grams of sugar sour cream sugar and starch we put in sauté pan and put on a slow fire and on weak our cream we lead up to a thickening
  • 02:37: on a little heat, as I already said stir constantly whisk cream butter to creamy gradually add the cooled custard cream in butter and whisk them collect all put a little cream on I first laid a spoonful of all the cake
  • 03:08: that you can see how much you need and try to drive everyone away from the cream because that it turned out delicious and if I forgot to say it is necessary that he was Cooled cakes, too, do not forget about the tank and remaining cream good smeared because we will sprinkle the remaining cakes that we we grinded into a crumb like this they have with us have turned out [music]
  • 03:39: so we prepare our cake decorating finishing sprinkle our cake crumb see what he otpadno with us turned out to put in the refrigerator for the whole night and tomorrow morning we will try friends forgive more than four hours I could not stand it so I cut and we try but while it's cut gently it seems to me he is already quite soaked I 'll take myself a very tiny a piece well know so on a trial
  • 04:11: I appreciate her efforts and so we look stun friends see as seen cream and every layer and every our cake which we tried to bake with you Well, I just have to try it, I just delighted with the taste of this cake look soft soft cream just it was amazing that is, here it is. really cake dream is much more delicious but conventional Medovikov
  • 04:42: recipe is just plain simple to me even words no friends I'll go on to try well and you stay with us on another kitchen Try to get it for this recipe subscribe to our channel all love all whole while