НУТЕЛЛА из Слив НА ЗИМУ - Это Очень Вкусно! Nutella from the plums for the winter

НУТЕЛЛА из Слив НА ЗИМУ - Это Очень Вкусно! Nutella from the plums for the winter  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm cooking today. very tasty jam from plums that are it tastes like a nutlet because has a chocolate flavor and aroma and a pleasant plum sourness supplements and enriches let such jam two kilograms of plums cleanse [music] add 150 grams of sugar from the total mass can add a little water about 100 milliliters cook for 20 minutes since put the pan on fire and completely cool and chop the blender
  • 00:31: add a minimum of one and a half kilograms sugar if if you want to add it more and cook 20 minutes completely we cool the foam together back The skins are removed from the sinks a little bit then you want to make nutella absolutely homogeneous without a single shkurochka can be wiped through a sieve again cook 20 minutes and fully cool set jam on fire and bring to a boil meanwhile we will sift 100 grams cocoa powder
  • 01:02: add hot jam and stir whisker until homogeneity is then added 200 grams of butter cook the last fourth time 15-20 minutes we spill on sterilized banks and clogged with sterilized caps jars with jam upside down we wrap up the bottom with a warm blanket and leave until completely cooled down by me it turned out 2 and a half liter of nutella we store in a dark cool place
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