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  • 00:00: Hello comrades Culinary! With you Ryumkin Jung :) All! Enough not to take off salads! :) And you say that salads are needed on the canal, and we ourselves think so. But every time we start shooting ... ... salads go to the background, because it seems like there are dishes more interesting and more serious. "Let's now what we shoot more vigorously, and then lettuce" That's never a camera before the salads and does not reach :) And the recipes are piling up, especially in the summer, because at the cottage we have salads present on the table without fail, unlike the city. And, of course, we do not repeat them - we prepare each time different. So, catch, the first for a long time a salad on our channel! :)
  • 00:32: All links in the description, and the list of ingredients on your screens. I will not give any proportions. I often find it difficult to paint them, because I cook most often by eye. And here, in a salad, everything depends on everything: ... from the size of vegetables; on how much salad you need; from what ingredient you like best ... So let's see by eye, okay? :)
  • 01:02: We cut some cucumbers ... No, listen, these salads are absolutely impossible to shoot! Because all the time you come across that everything here is in taste and color! So I wanted to say how you need to cut vegetables And what's the use of what I'm telling you to cut anyway? :) All the same, everything is cut in its own way :) For example, I always cut small things everywhere. I do not like huge chunks of anything in soups or in salads. I like to have all the ingredients of the dish in each spoon at once :) And, for example, one of my friends scolds me all the time:
  • 01:32: Well, what are you talking about? Cut bigger! She likes to eat everything separately in salads :) In general, I show how I love, and you do as you want. I slice several cucumbers in this manner. I put it in a bowl. Bulgarian pepper cut into any other dish - cubes. I add to cucumbers. I cut several tomatoes into slices. You can also add a hard-to-find ingredient:
  • 02:03: ... young pickled corncobs. But if you did not manage to find it, like me now, do not worry - without it, too, is delicious :) But the olives are obligatory here. I cut them into 4 parts. With the beans from the jar we drain the liquid and also add it to the salad. Leaves of lettuce with your hands. It came to refueling.
  • 02:37: You can mix it in some kind of separate container. But in this case I like, as they say, just sprinkle the salad with all the ingredients of the dressing. In this case, it is more convenient for me to measure by eye what is needed. If in a container, then I do not feel the product. A pair of cloves of garlic rubbed on a small grater. Add to the salad. Sprinkle the salad with flax seeds to taste. For good of utility you can grind them. Sprinkle the salad with sesame seeds.
  • 03:10: Again, it can be fried. But this is all unnecessary action associated with the smearing of excess dishes and lengthening the cooking time. I'm a lazy person :) If the simplification of the process does not affect the result, I will follow the simple path. We pour the salad with vegetable oil. Sprinkle with Provencal herbs. Add the soy sauce.
  • 03:43: So much so that he in our salad completely replaced the salt. And add a little vinegar. Salad is ready and perfectly suited as an addition to the main dishes :) Well, here :) I'm glad that we overcame this salatosnism :) And I have a question for you: what salads do you do more often - with mayonnaise or without?
  • 04:14: Running forward, I will say that for us with the operator the dressing "makes" a salad. Here it is quite simple ... ... but I want to remind you about our most favorite salad, which was completely undeservedly ignored by everyone! He simply was not noticed, because he was removed and laid out, he was a very long time, one of the first ... ... when the culinary company on our channel has not yet developed. But I strongly recommend that you pay attention to our favorite Honey-Bacon Salad :) There's a very, very interesting refueling. Thank you for watching us!
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