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Ирландское кружево. Платье "Дымка" часть 1 - Irish lace. Dress "Haze" (Part 1) В этом видео показан процесс вязания платья "Дымка" в технике ирландского кружева. Мотивы для платья связаны по мастер-классам Аллы Трониной и Натальи Котель...  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everybody subscribers and my channel guests today comes out long-awaited video countdown in two parts under the title work over a squirrel's dress these videos you see how I knitted his dress like connected elements
  • 00:30: irregular mesh and the most important as one and then same dress can interesting to look at thanks to a lining different colors now on the video you see knotted irregular mesh for knitting which I used turkish cotton thread of canaries in 20 grams 200 3 meters and hook number 085 knit such a crochet is not
  • 01:01: simple but the result worth the reticule is obtained by air as gossamer how to knit irregular mesh I already showed in a separate video lesson You can take advantage playlist it and view this video [music] [music]
  • 02:07: [music] further want tell and show how to knit a cord on Bourdon Burdonov called folded together yarn from yarn which you knit and bind columns without crochet in plain language
  • 02:37: this part of knitted elements in Irish Lace for bourdon and Asian elements on the dress I used the thread tulip is a microfiber in 50 grams 250 meters a also used hook number 2 now folded
  • 03:10: I tie the thread columns without crochet [music] continue
  • 03:45: tie columns without crochet cordon I opportunities to the end then I trim thread and tail filled with needles a little bit pull up straighten the cord itself [music] a ready-related
  • 04:51: you have a cord in your You can lay out your taste a number of related flower or composition and connectedness of colors well and then all the sites I I will fill out irregular mesh use here such clerical or partner pins and do curls in their taste like you like [music] now I'm filling in
  • 05:34: irregular mesh section between knitted items preliminary I made a pattern in full-size laid out ready related elements and now I'm tying on sites irregular mesh the flowers themselves I knitted from yarnart yarn violet in 50 grams of two hundred eighty two meters and also used hook number 15 [music]
  • 06:05: now I switched to
  • 06:57: knitting irregular setochki on the back dresses filling a section between elements so in irregular mesh [music] try to irregular mesh use threads in two times thinner than on
  • 07:28: essential elements recall that the weight of all dresses that tied up 440 grams [music] [music] [music] After you
  • 08:40: run through irregular mesh I recommend to you dress or wash or steamed off with using an iron dress that you you need to wash dry on level horizontal surfaces [music] now I'm stopping
  • 09:12: Setochku and already show how it looks before and back of my dress also cayman here look how looks like part here is this Setochka turned out this is the front side the flowers themselves bind from thread violet must shiny thread tulip also bordering on the edge of the dress is tied from the thread tulip of all
  • 09:43: thank you for viewing and the first part and I invite you to evaluate ready-made dress in next video subscribe to my channel leave your comments and up to new meetings till [music]