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It is easy! Installation of a rolled curtain pass on a window. Installation of a rolled curtain on a window. Change of the size

It is easy! Installation of a rolled curtain pass on a window. Installation of a rolled curtain on a window. Change of the size  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] by [music] Hello my I'm Leonid I work in a company today I have to hide I want to show you how simply and easily establish Blinds and me also tell us about it benefits let's pick up the size of the blind your window to this I take a tape measure measure the width of your
  • 00:30: glass do reserve 24 cm to to reliably shade plug flow little light begin the installation blinds the first way is the fast by double-sided adhesive tape without drilling before installing must degrease place contact adhesive tape on the details curtains on the frame after we degreased place contacts can proceed to markup
  • 01:00: fastenings roll that the mount itself roll that use of chain with the mechanism side where you conveniently We collect brackets to install on swing-out Sharks take a Bracket mechanism and a crosspiece connect with clip window upper hereinafter We need mark on the frame the site of attachment collected brackets install assembled mounting brackets on roller blinds and
  • 01:31: assemble at the window marking the next fixing the adhesive tape remove the curtain and that's please you It noted in any Horoshavin places and You should be close to the frame take sticky the tape is cut off right us a piece of glue bracket after we stuck tape can mounted on the window
  • 02:00: roll mount curtain with another bracket [music] all Our curtain set on the rotary kilometer so we installed roll the curtain on Swing-out avoid window sagging manufacturers recommend use guides fishing line this will allow chairs fit snugly except for the installation
  • 02:30: rail strings fasten the upper twine bracket and a lower tensioner on the window frame fastened guide string deaf top bracket [music] Measure out the necessary the length of the string too much prune skip string through the eyelet weight material and curtains fasten the tensioner fishing line cut off
  • 03:01: necessary piece adhesive tape pasting Hinstein glue string tensioner except for missing a string by gun weight material curtains [music] fasten string in tensioner preliminary securing it to the frame And now we
  • 03:30: strengthen our Blinds me on the stationary window I use chained with a convenient mechanism for my hand in here right our gathering brackets crossing mechanism attachable assembled mounting brackets our roll on something putting a curtain in gathering in addition to measure space mounting brackets on the right
  • 04:02: [music] proceed like this Securing our brackets on the frame we will do two ways first the adhesive and the tape 2 due to Screw the first method on the tape method requires compulsory degreasing bonded surfaces [music] Next we sticking tape on a low fat
  • 04:30: surface brackets prepared another surface adhesive tape and glue in the marked pasting the second bracket the marked glue etc. charge for and string tensioner I now proceed to second embodiment on screws and drill bonded brackets screw holes I attached our brackets on the screws and strengthened them
  • 05:00: seatbelt tensioner in strings mattress and then top mountable on the bracket mechanism and now bracket cream I install string [music] fixing it on the upper bracket there special ear Now fasten
  • 05:31: Blinds directly on threading mechanism guide string through the eyelet weight material and strengthened string in the bottom tensioner sometimes standard sizes blinds not fit size your windows in this case you can cut width blinds like do I have so we'll show you decided to shorten our
  • 06:00: Blinds I I note required playpen Irina and cut superfluous note line cut and prune the cloth [music] peel off the edge of the fabric cut off from the tube
  • 06:32: off now we have trim and other weighting agent [music] I rolled up the trimmed fabric depart 5 millimeters and cut off pipe and so cut off the curtain metal pipe wear of chain mechanism and I
  • 07:00: is cut only the weighting agent rented plastic Measure out the plug the desired Janusz us live [music] and cut with a hacksaw I put on ago We weighting and I put on plastic Our blind plugs
  • 07:33: ready to install [music]