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This design will turn off a nut in the most inaccessible place!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Healthy and today I I want to make one interesting device that will facilitate loosening and tightening the nuts and bolts inaccessible places especially Regarding macro home car compartment here very limited access bolt nuts especially the ordinary diet shoulder so I decided today do it a device that will facilitate access to the nuts and this bolts disorder consist of the body 2 homemade stars bicycle chain and Well, couple what some parts
  • 00:30: which can be useful for end with this design and the first thing I have to I will do this two logs stars that will have come into this bicycle chain many thought Why here need this saw it is obviously publicly write their own versions in the comments and I will give you a hint for her creation of a plurality of Game I chose crossout because the game Free weights only 2 giga It goes on until all some say that
  • 01:00: at all as running shoes Only the left hook You can check this by clicking on the link in description of this video Now turning the machine will need to do two washers which is then cut out two asterisks
  • 01:37: Get 2 here are Now that the rollers will now be turn into Stars for this chain make marks on the commercials where will teeth take round file and forward [music]
  • 02:04: but that's what you guys not an asterisk made at with a file Hand after rounding all sharp corners on it can be an asterisk check it will sit on our chain [music] Now that I have guys happened when I closed circuit for these 6, two such framed Now imagine the mechanism which will need
  • 02:30: Now the foundation body body will be Here is such a profile 50 20 note pencil where I will drill hole [music] holes are ready and now you need this Profile spray on two parts [music]
  • 03:03: so guys design in nearing its logical completion and me It left to make only two Circuits it's these Volynov stars Vologda stars best made of some good material e.g. of the faces or armature
  • 03:36: the last parts ready and now these trees need to put on Stars and here here and soar [music] We put it all in body here and that's how
  • 04:02: here's how it works experience shows chain is a wedge ventricles because no tension here so welded bridle here such here polzunochki of square and dozens of r2 chain, we will not twerking sprocket
  • 04:32: It is now perfectly possible putting the lid on device but to these covers to connect I will be together use tack welding
  • 05:00: so here guys on I tack and all united stroller very well and reliability is now on Now these logs here need to do square of something like this to Squares can be found was putting various heads I did not guys on these shafts squares and now we have these Squares can be wear any of these let's head example and here such here
  • 05:42: So guys I received today very interesting a tool that it seems called Key Extension with this the tool can be be loosened or spinning nuts and bolts that are practically inaccessible places the I have this tool apply where key-not
  • 06:00: be able to reach up nuts and bolts of a lion make movements in What's the trick of this Device for to unscrew and and tighten the screws bolt inaccessible places it in using the extension cord you can leave not comfort zone to rotate the key I or especially with ratchet this device it becomes super universal Well, in the completion of
  • 06:30: video as always a couple of tests with device now I Illustrate This nuts and bolts of how to It works this device Gadget stifle wheels take an extension cord with his head dress on the floor now three and a brush twirl a bolt on remote distance [music]
  • 07:06: Well here and ran the bolt but now the boys from imitate the top 100 when a new nut is in inaccessible place it must unscrew here on this Example Here God 30 area this annual Prague device when It is inside assume that the nut It is here very inconvenient place and up to not pull comfort zone for rotation evening we use this extender sc understand key on
  • 07:31: nut and now look how It becomes more comfortable work in the nut because we in fact Pereskia and now here in this work zone and calmly take Turn off both his see Turn off the forgotten scrolls belts to it is not screwed I certainly need be inserted here key and
  • 08:02: twist off new relaxes It seems to. here jumps to Here is such a super extender unscrewing the nuts and bolts as well as their twist
  • 08:30: try now! tighten the nut a place [music] [music] but that's all fine It happened today
  • 09:00: but let's device We continue its finest that if he has establish jet engine although there is a couple tens of jet let's engines check it out I do not know call it The invention therefore think of his name in the comments themselves create a creation can only be in cross audi so if you interested in the game you seek to uni link on out there KrAZ in the description of this Video for everyone interested like tools Like and not put Remember subscribe to my channel and I am with you as always briefly say goodbye
  • 09:30: We shall see to all speedy