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Мегрельские хачапури - самые сырные хачапури! Классный рецепт  See details »

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  • 00:00: glad to see you friends this channel is different kitchen and with you, I alexander today will be A terrific recipe will taste good and with a little summer note we are not preparing
  • 00:32: walnut khachapuri such products to us need flour here 500 grams I her sift milk at my warm 250 milliliters salt teaspoon sugar and yeast Instantly dissolving 2 teaspoons a couple I have 500 grams of cream cheese 30 grams of oil and this is such a handful magic tomatoes we will them today use is very important when working with dry quickly soluble friends
  • 01:04: to lead them as they say, that is, to give he is thrust send them to warm milk along with sugar here a couple of spoons of flour and literally for five minutes we leave somewhere on the sidelines is best in a warm place so here's the fastest we can get and the couple went well and poured flour into another cup is more than a dream here so stir well so that the salt is dispersed
  • 01:36: and we all start to collect it's ours butter soft egg bloomed beauty and all Spoon with milk and sugar add rake out everything without residue excellent and now we knead a soft elastic We knead the dough for ten minutes elegant That is now the dough turned out at
  • 02:09: soft now in a cup of it we cover can cover with a film and take away the minutes at 40 per hour in a warm place before doubling this is how for 40 minutes the dough is suitable gorgeous turned out look krasotische now literally slightly both mnu without fanaticism and on the scales, I will divide the dough into five equal parts of each piece
  • 02:40: we make here such here a ball cover with a film and until the dough rises for five to ten minutes we will grate cheese on a large grater here so should be we connect and mix that at us it turned out to be more or less homogeneous stuffing cheese should be a lot of take and Straight, too, here is the same ball and form Here so it can be even hardly hardly more
  • 03:11: give as much as the dough and Now roll out the dough dough good malleable dough OK where my big rolling pin too roll out our task is only to collect Together with the plains we take our cheese and now we collect here the main thing is not
  • 03:44: to hurry so that the shepherd we had good and cheese thread will not jump out anywhere this is how you should have got to and now, at first, Then we form our khachapuri dough turns thin look me it seems even though it is visible through
  • 04:16: cheese is a lot of this is what I love The oven was heated to 200 degrees and now literally a drop of water and yolk with 2 eggs pitched well stirred and We grease khachapuri beautifully and accurately bake for 15-20 minutes it all depends from your oven well missed everywhere hooked
  • 04:50: but the beauty and now the linen shirts and that's how friends carefully try to get strewed still on top and in summer the friends of khachapuri can be made even more delicious and sweeter so call a droplet of oil to the skull They were in oil and then baked and buried burrows and straight spread here they are a little sweet little sama
  • 05:21: see what beauty baked and will be oh, here you are krasotischa in 20 minutes it turned out friends, I think I even I see there stuffing it is translucent in general it is magnificent and magically has turned out I'll let you cool down a bit so as not to get burned and we will definitely want to to look he does not fall at all, of course This is what we unrolled it with you here
  • 05:51: Well done and give hot and cheese in general, it's beautiful but it's real generally the most delicious thing you can imagine just imagine the cheese inside the cheese outside and a delicious dough is necessary to try hard cheers for my friends went out to lure the scent neighbors how it smells great and how is it delicious, you all saw the most important thing
  • 06:21: take a good delicious cheese which you love to knead a great dough and one or two and everything is ready excellent khachapuri we are with you prepared ready was glad to see you subscribe to our channel and put likes and share this video in social networks until soon