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  • 00:00: All greetings, today we will touch with you the topic of transferring the picture to the creamy surface of the cake, namely, to ganache, I know that many have problems with this you can buy a dazzling projector or you can download a special application projector to your smartphone but with the application you will still have to purchase a special holder for the phone, it probably can not be quite budget option, I suggest trying may be not quite accurate, but a very simple method and for this, going to your workplace what we need to transfer the picture to ganache, here is such a film, it's a film of sugar paper, you can use and acetate film
  • 00:35: the image itself that is, just printed on a printer, on plain paper The height of the image should match exactly with the height of your cake, the only thing that you should take into account is that we are moving the drawing are mirrored, that is if you have any inscription, then you will need to turn over the inscription in the editor horizontally and I still need a food marker, a food marker pen I choose darker and I chose brown color and I will use this kind of double-sided felt-tip pen is CAKE COLORS and now it's easy
  • 01:07: apply our film to the image it is possible if that on each side to be fastened with paper clips if you are afraid that the picture will move and begin to draw a contour Of course, in detail you can not transfer the image in this way but at least you will not guess with the proportions of the picture drawn the outline and now take out the cake from the refrigerator
  • 01:39: that is ganache we must be completely frozen and attach our picture to the cake Now you have a path on which you can navigate and start I use a water-soluble dry dye CAKE COLORS to draw a more detailed picture for my pictures I already got used to it, I talked about this, because the gel consistency
  • 02:15: I do not like other dyes, they are more folded on the oil surface cream, even if I use titanium dioxide, for which we use titanium dioxide - the only dye that does not fold it's here on the cream, on an oil base for diluting the dye, I use vodka, I can call it at least 3 reasons why you need to use vodka, well, firstly it's not from excess moisture on the cake, on the cream your picture quickly dries secondly, this is some kind of
  • 02:45: disinfection of brushes that you use and thirdly wash the brush from the dye much easier and faster Vodka than in water working with color, start always with the lightest elements, suppose I start with a head, here I leave a place for the highlight and on starting from this basic color, that is already it will be visible where I will have darker places here in this way you can start to do at least the simplest drawings on the cake after all, and cream cakes with
  • 03:34: drawings of manual work are now very relevant, do not be afraid, try, experiment, I'm always as lucky to you in your endeavors, the best you