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  • 00:00: All greetings I'm cooking a cake today microwave oven is very delicious and tender cake to prepare for minutes and today you can to enjoy his taste in a bowl we break two eggs put beat a little whisk with whisk 6 tablespoons of milk 6 tablespoons of sugar everything is thoroughly mixed with a whisk
  • 00:31: We lay a five-table spoonful of flour with hill add one tablespoon with a slide cocoa everything is sifted into the dough mix put half a teaspoon of soda extinguish with vinegar and mix add two tablespoons vegetable oil mix and pour out the form from me
  • 01:04: silicone with a diameter of 20 centimeters You can take a glass or any other suitable cookware for baking microwave ovens to wave Furnaces are baked at 800 watts for 5 minutes as it will take 5 minutes and a microwave the microwave oven is not important open let's leave it like a biscuit another 10 minutes so he definitely will not settle remove it from the mold and give it a little cool down cools very quickly biscuit
  • 01:34: we cut with a thread into two parts prepare the cream in a bowl, put 500 grams Sour cream I have fat content of 20 percent mixed with a small amount of sugar powder collect cake greased first cake lubricate the second crust two bananas cut in circles scrap of banana slice for 1 crochet on top of the second layer of lubricated side down
  • 02:05: grease the top and sides of the cake decorate on I sprinkled the desire with chocolate chips cake can already be served immediately by shaking a you can give him a chance to stand up, he will be still Gentle try and you cook delicious biscuit cake microwave I'm sure that once you try will cook it still if you while with the recipe then put the husks write comments you do not mind but I've been very pleased subscribe to my channel in order not to
  • 02:35: skip new videos they come out every day I wish you Bon Appetit eat and be healthy [music]