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  • 00:00: but different Hello, hello to you draw a channel with a needle tackle m and today I want share one little secret which I found out quite recently there is such a problem embroiderers when differentiate the canvas with a simple pencil I was also inexperienced also once had recklessness mark up one's work with a simple pencil and of course, I became the question is how to wash simple pencil like
  • 00:30: remove it as wash because remains very big problem too watched the video they could not just did not know what do just threw away the work because it's simple pencil spoiled them work but I opened for yourself one thing and today I'm with you share and so here is my work now I'll show you we its work is already finished
  • 01:00: it is not decorated well ready in the sense that there is no markup now a simple pencil here is my job of the firm porn is called contemplating it rather large 43 on 50 to be carried out in technique full cross and I embroidered a backstick its three months from
  • 01:35: long breaks Well, yes, embroidered so here you are See , here I am added a little metallized the threads shone here chunks
  • 02:05: stayed here was visible markup with a simple pencil let me show you closer to see that the markings are not left at the same time look at my crosses [music] on the one hand and with
  • 02:35: the other side is also nowhere is the markup no that I did nothing there was nothing washed out did not add I did not any chemistry not to not spoil I just went to work VTB who knows a
  • 03:07: score this thing is not only this would be it there are things and others supermarkets are simple in this it would be like normal price that other stores this thing is on a lot more expensive than the night you came vtb and saw there one soap I'll show it to you ready bath soap vanish yes soap
  • 03:39: why soap I honestly do not know myself why but it was soap it works here you are how much did I take all air conditioners liquid van I am took things that were which remain speaking already of taking there is some kind of spot or something else you can not believe advertising as
  • 04:10: said but I personally on one's own account I think I'll take I'll try I just needed mine was taken out there this is a stain. I will take I'll try it cost 20 hryvnia on but now principle still stands in this would be worth 20 hryvnia in other supermarkets 29 30 32 here she is looks like do not take be lazy here honestly you will not regret 20 UAH
  • 04:40: and take it to you come in handy for all cases I'm even a girlfriend in another city bought and sent because this thing is simple unique persuade announce it removes all instantly in front of Here I rubbed literally but soaped there is a minute took a toothbrush soaped a brush and so brush canvas where
  • 05:11: was a markup I literally a minute and a half and all then with soap soap it fell out looking for work and all here it is and without markup so here my advice for those who stumbled a little and pulling reckless decision mark out canoes
  • 05:41: with a simple pencil buy soap vanilla does not throw away your I do not work throw away [music] make out or well all thanks to all wait for new videos before meetings [music]