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Openwork square motive. Review.

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  • 00:00: hello brink you my channel knitting and you Natalia today I have a video overview I want it tell as to whether the I am looking for you interesting schemes for you for yourself then for to you I I also showed for itself must illuminate this this this interesting scheme somehow the Ryazan there are a bunch here at my experiments and I stopped here
  • 00:31: I will outline what is I liked is what I you wanted share but this compulsory and fresh but not in the near future time simply because I have not yet in the mood for this motif is beautiful interesting fat necessarily fresh soon now I I took liked on the note to me
  • 01:01: It seemed that for a long time I will have to tighten in her video and I I began to search something simpler found here a very very beautiful elegant but interesting but I wanted to it you show gnedka now I'll fuck remind your fingers on it Alpin Alina bought in Leonardo's shop these are some sites
  • 01:31: very interesting very beautiful palette and these are not It is in this other firm on when want to store Leonard in my city I do not want say about the others do not I know but I say no White never saw I have never some cream Clubs are pink probably my raspberry city loves people these are the chosen range arises because of
  • 02:02: our because of our so desires and say here Now here I wanted to have but I do not do anything It got rough for my taste maybe anyone of you but like us taste seemed to me this Motik of this coarse thread Get reminded yet time Alena 50 grams of 208 meters therefore This, I decided on this never stop
  • 02:34: remembered a This scheme has it all scheme say so somewhere between cloth, and even at This was in the picture very beautiful sight a gentle environment it is very I wanted to associate see that get nice and thread opened and pattern so interesting what I hate just us and because you see here
  • 03:04: uneven lies here already stretched straight stretched to the corners were so that Tatiana I do not like pineapple while not finish completely all figure do not know what It will be especially This would in this motif it remains like this disclosed if both other crowd when there somewhere close I do not know how to
  • 03:34: he cried here it is still causing on because he gave me more nedovyazanny this tune the thing than The fact that here the that's interesting stuff that some call this pattern popcorn very much a absorbs the beginning of yarn I knit this motif in the whole womb that is, have never untouched and even here at
  • 04:05: I have something that I still I am afraid that in the second the motive is not enough of represent one motive incomplete somewhere already has 25 grams that's why it took and I did not stop maybe I have it you will be mine density for it because no longer cards It allows you to continue maybe I have a It is an option I shall join together look to all
  • 04:35: yet still make out the tune it he will then look I start here from other and not 100. this thread is completely the other is not one hundred percent cotton the feelings of at least some part I did not tell you these threads because I had something to eat from They had a thing connected cardigan not I liked He disbanded tied a jumper here and here These residues ie
  • 05:08: is the glomerulus more than two years so how It called a the composition does not say I can tactile Feels like something this is reminiscent of composition of hope It is seen here that there is a But if you feel that's it is very very strongly resembles the ie if we take here this here thread Again, if it's at We did not wipe not
  • 05:38: tablecloth and before the very elegant and soft and beautiful and volume is here tender that is here this here was by the My eyes filled with a tune of which can be how to tie a tablecloth and a blanket and I think that very soon blame and why you here's an overview of the beginning there are going to tell
  • 06:09: that I come to you a master class of this track this motif so to say, who are you will knit from it plaid or even decide to insert somewhere in clothes it is up to you Now you do not teach languished Just not Love Enough but nothing but see in my in my example so my density
  • 06:43: Knitting is no longer to end RELATED the pineapple I little strapped stretched out here like this that is, as of today I end review I am waiting for you with the threads of hook on master class here that his mother as will be 1 or 2
  • 07:13: I video I look very These surround Stuff is very possible not that I have a lot It takes a couple of times show you how very fit interesting and enjoyable perhaps because I have not seen such Here pieces so in class for him I hope you are the same get pleasure knitting this motif but for now I will go
  • 07:44: dovyazyvaem or night I shoot video for you roll up very soon meeting bye bye