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Preparation for stitching of a collar Part 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: first collar on outer loop and you you can observe that on the top collar was formed at landing it it turns out immediately automatically practically at provided that you cut out and top collar slightly more than lower by external outline like him revealed top collar cut to 3 millimeter from the outside outline of a short external cut and stole lower collar then when you add up the detail was looking for his children it turns out to be an inflection
  • 00:30: it's all I'm putting I prick with pins and as one can observe for in two stages usually 100 of which collar first external the contour is then short sections it is fundamentally is important in those collars which we we produce in school formalin and as a matter of fact now we have to iron first we need to remove excess allowances only cut off all stitches do not leave only millimeter 3 at the corners cut
  • 01:02: obliquely and yet carve an extra there is step-like pruning here and so close to the line but not up to the line on external circuit superfluous cut and long how do we carve the whole surplus now we take a shoe and need
  • 01:32: seam allowances iron as we they were cut Of course it will not be so just iron them but it is possible by external contour also need to iron
  • 02:02: at start-up after how to fiddle is only you collar turn out on face accurately straighten corners after that how the corners turned out iron see at planted upper collar he himself laid out and rikon there therefore to us now very simple will iron it
  • 02:34: asking this little one millimeter perry conteg and that's what we have here is obtained in the result you see top collar directly encircles the bottom and perry kantik
  • 03:06: small now our collar beautifully lay us will need to bend to bend and so put collar and first with sharp pins and make it up although he has us and bigger size it is all the same we pack beautifully then all the lower collar is obtained straighten out and the top perishes the lower and
  • 03:37: now I take thin needle and thread and oblique stitches I sweep away all this inflection that for me in further did not interfere work that's what we have here came after how do you metal oblique stitches look what
  • 04:08: we get a picture here practically stoechka is given in this way, but it certainly is not final option, we are already see the shape and despite the fact that we made a collar lower by width changed a little pattern all a few millimeters with us came surplus so now we need a collar stop and clean all the unnecessary call sections now the collar is ready
  • 04:43: downloads in throat