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PO-KAPITANSKI MEAT. Festive Hot Dish. You Will lick fingers! Meat in the oven.  See details »




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  • 00:04: Good afternoon Now I will cook meat captain or meat for presidential and has also said that this is meat French with ie potatoes choose any of options that you is closer to the soul as states and You call this dish for cooking this dish I need I use pork pork neck part mushrooms onion potatoes
  • 00:30: spices and cheese mayonnaise all I you will need You see process I cook meat I cut layers here such and repulsed little bit of mushrooms we need to cut Now such plates [music] mushrooms and chop We fry them in pan with adding January 2 tablespoons vegetable oil a little salt and pepper Now we need
  • 01:01: shape form, we are well promazyvayut vegetable fat sliced ​​potatoes 5-7 slices millimeters potatoes need a little salt add dry dill all seasons investigation potatoes mix to form potatoes on top spread fried mushrooms
  • 01:31: Now we will laid meat meat I have a very large pieces I cut them into 4 she was repulsed by the day Now we need meat salt salt to add to taste Little granulated garlic, spices for add any meat spices to your if you want to taste
  • 02:00: on top of the meat can be lay out a single layer sliced tomatoes if you want now! I add here finely cut Now we need a bow grated cheese add home mayonnaise homemade mayonnaise add so much that we It turned like cheese mayonnaise dangerous cheese on Manezhnaya mass decompose the top
  • 02:30: Now meat meat send oven bake estimated to be fifty minutes to an hour, depending on matter how thin you cut potatoes necessarily try knife before as take shape our for our captain ready and only today took out plate Now I'll get [music] Here's a piece of
  • 03:00: turned very yummy soft tender meat potatoes and mushrooms cook with it pleased you dish necessarily and enjoy it Meals are also on the right decorate any festive table cooking for the new year or for any occasion I say goodbye to you thanks to all who Subscribe to my channel and to new tasty recipes