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Fritters on kefir as Down. The CONFIDENTIAL COUNTER which will make fritters Magnificent and Tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I cook lush pancakes kefir preparing and easily easier way to quickly which is simply not exist acce turns so gentle and the air is not describe in words pan pour 250 milliliters of kefir add 40 milliliters of water stir and put on the fire a little bit heat it up necessarily different bowl break one add one egg second teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons sugar mix adding preheated
  • 00:30: yogurt and carefully stir up appearance of foam over gradually whom three reception add sifted flour carefully stir to avoid dough lumps It should have as a thick mass which not dripping from a spoon and converge and viscous if the dough get massive add more density flour and bring a lot of to a thick state Now after oil is ready add soda and again carefully stir mixture it is also mandatory lush condition pancakes on a frying pan
  • 01:00: pour vegetable oil and him well Warms dining Put a spoon of dough the pan forming fritters the remaining dough into bowl in the process stir fry and you can not start dimm are not as lush fry fritters with two Parties in the middle fire two or three minutes from each side to services propechsya ALOD ready they can be serve immediately to the my table their daughter just loves to tell ALOD gentle heat air and lush very very tasty
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