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Strawberry fritters \\Fritters with STRAWBERRY - tasty, prevkusny!  See details »

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  • 00:02: hello friends today prepare very delicious pancakes with strawberry pancakes it turns fragrant and it is just tender surfeiting something type of vinyl cakes with strawberries cook immediately Strawberries need quite little for such oladushek literally 200 300 grams and delicious unusual dessert 20 ready your home then just delighted You can cook on kefir home yogurt or yogurt take one eggs two or three tablespoons spoons of sugar and
  • 00:31: three teaspoons of salt carefully stir with a mixer or simply whisk add half cup of yogurt that there are 300 milliliters Now add the flour teaspoon baking powder And I will add corn flour carefully stir to the dough was without lumps and consistency was like thick cream Flour just takes about 2 glass Now something like this
  • 01:00: To follow certificate there were still some While yet set aside the dough Let us strawberries I their pre-washed it dry out or dry paper clean towel and cut into small number of pieces strawberries on your discretion but the eye so to speak for beginning 200 300 grams try mix with strawberries test food here already carefully spoon stir [music]
  • 01:32: enough to heated pan pour Vegetable oil does not so simple lubricate but also to ALOD not much floating spread dough tablespoon apart from other grasping necessarily strawberries fry over medium heat until golden brown each party carefully overturn get something such as lazy pies strawberries are very appetizing look
  • 02:00: fragrant middle and juicy-baked observation cook Pasha immediately home there just in excited very quickly and very tasty I recommend if you like recipe necessarily share with friends Like place and subscribe to new recipes channel three times a week all yet until we meet again