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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone call natali and in today's video we prepare very Delicious salad I cook I've had enough of it already for a long time but why that when I recognized him salad they told me that he is a contender for Olivier but everything is possible because many lettuce olive already I'm fed up with this it is this salad that he
  • 00:31: can be good replacement of the usual olive is obtained too delicious originally from say simple ingredients but very tasty well and let's I will explain to you that we need for this salad to us need peas normal canned take good good at me brain varieties large if you have bank is big then half if you prepares for big company then
  • 01:02: then you can to enlarge ingredients so polnanochki that means peas will be required two or three eggs in I'm three ordinary boiled tomatoes cherry 159 grams is better to take cherry tomatoes because that they give less the juice is small such is the bulb if you have an onion sharp there you can pour it over with boiling water when you cut it but I'm not sharp gram 200 sausages or
  • 01:32: ham that you have gram 80 100 cheese from me at once grated salt pepper to taste and puddle not 4 Somewhere mayonnaise now we need cut into cubes in sausage if you have not grated Cheese grate cheese on a large grater can to the petty coma like to cut cubes of eggs well then show how cut the tomatoes Well, sliced diced sausage
  • 02:03: Eggs are cute nice little cubes cut the onions and cut it like this cherry tomatoes cut off from them and there forgot the stalk and cut into four parts do not melt them need less juice and that they there were such here all links this salad good is that his can be prepared by layers but I am preparing it for mixed type also as Olivier I feel so much more
  • 02:33: like it is possible try out miami cook or mix as you are like it but also let's now to collect salad we take some low start all collect that is all salad toys like me already said cheese
  • 03:08: you can if you wish cut into cubes or rub even on small grater not on usual large if you will find four spoons of resin then Well, you can add more naturally salt and pepper and I'm mixing
  • 03:39: added another a tablespoon mayonnaise because did not seem that dryish and shift in any salad bowl if you are of course do the puff then better to clear salad bowl that was beautiful I see the layers I will spread out like this I like this salad Well, here's a delicious and original salad The try it cook
  • 04:09: i hope he to you too like it it turns out fresh and fragrant if desired, you can decorate with greenery I sprinkled simply green onions and sprig of parsley added this behold delicious salad and below under the video as always I I will write everything ingredients to all pleasant appetite congratulations on upcoming new year, I wish all love and health and your well-being families all of you best write comments from pleasure in them
  • 04:39: answer, but for all for now before new meetings with you was natalya [music]