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Tasty Argentina cookies Alfakhores! Detailed recipe \/ Delicious Argentine cookies Alfahores  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and select another kitchen and scalded on this week in my best girlfriends amine and in addition to the day birthday and I decided they and congratulate share with them your new recipe Argentine cookie that It called Alpha good for him we need corn meal and we They made themselves for this bought conventional corn croup any store you You can buy it and grinding ground in our
  • 00:30: coffee grinder cows all already seen several just as my father said when we were preparing peanut butter some strange object that Ready for flight space here gave matrices the recipe will be and now to the description our cookies alpha x times we need boiled condensed milk flour corn flour yolks and led protein peanuts, we have
  • 01:00: peanuts you can take any other coconut baking powder melted sugar, cream butter and vanilla syrup that's how we have it I ate this video was filmed with the support online store 101 a huge selection of tea tea and also for me the most important thing sweets for him to be accompany you when you drink
  • 01:30: sent us tea cream honey with walnuts and Jam of cedar nuts we have tried very I advise to go to there you can credit You can choose to themselves tea and sweets one, beat the egg yolks and whites and sugar until foam all go our eggs Sugar is now lost its
  • 02:01: Add the butter and even all carefully whisk well until our eggs and butter goes astray, we do dry blend mix two flour point q different and conventional and add baking powder Test everything thoroughly mix and add a little bit
  • 02:32: vanilla syrup or vanilla extract still parse Our oil mixture white Now gradually add to the him our flour The mixture was added gradually and stir at all This recipe is very
  • 03:03: it can be simple cook did not even I know the Argentine language of all and mix well add until our the dough is elastic Now this is beautiful in our dough get this gold his long ball is not necessary so now wrap in foil and while it is at a flock resting in refrigerator exactly one o'clock you can view more our videos, our dough
  • 03:33: rested Expand it you is oily here cut off a small piece to us it easier roll look she hang a look Well it is crumbly puff's look now roll out
  • 04:03: roll out is not very thinly well here somewhere here to cookies not We burn and cut I picked up a tidy molds you can take any other but I like classic version like so remove excess dough and send to pan that we So I pre Now I will show you
  • 04:33: previously lay a parchment paper to our cookies did not take ship like this neatly spread everything is now completed yet remaining in post oven preheated 180 degrees for 20 minutes cookies and ready them I
  • 05:03: cool and Now we will collect take one cookie and smear it condensed milk condensed milk boiled here and so we do not regret take I took nuts at first Cover with this is now Here in this cookie another cookie lubricates so here from both cakes [music]
  • 05:39: [music] roll Here's a fix I have turned from the second do exactly
  • 06:13: just only and will cover my coconut like this should have and now rolled in What all here and so also very beautiful cookies continue collect our cookies and at this time until we We are going to put tea All our cookies ready
  • 06:43: see what they krasivenkie learn now we will try all try very stiff dough delicious crumbly shortbread now Argentine dough stuffing cooked condensed milk is just even with this test so it's generally a bomb nuts, and how you It adds another I advise all very I strongly advise
  • 07:14: cooked right very subscribe put on our channel huskies write no comments We appreciate your opinion visit us at vkontakte group and schoolmates all the while [music]