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  • 00:00: hello girls today we will show you how make a cacchio pearls beads a in the form of a drop or in the shape of a book bed to achieve this technique is essential the metal thread that you can use depending on the size of the sedan ta 0 60 and the zero and 80 mm to show you this technique I have taken
  • 00:31: the AC of swarovski bottles you I call the shape of the briolette a little for occupy I told you you can use this technique also for flat drops then let's insert the thread inside the holes and bend the thread half making them cross then at this point with the cones pliers
  • 01:04: that we provide the saline of the wire that there we find that we find ourselves vertically we ask and take a ride blocking see also the thread we had placed to the side at this point we cut the thread in
  • 01:34: excess with your theses or adjusted this part with flat pliers and after which we assert the saline that we formed with flat pliers and we begin to work the remaining thread you can decide to to just take a ride and leave the la violet in this way or you can
  • 02:06: start making a decoration like now I will show you so we grab the solina with a pair of flat pliers with another pair of flat pliers start turning here then you can buy everything with the
  • 03:05: flat pizzas say that the beauty of this decoration that speaks come a all uneven we cut and here is our drawer that
  • 03:41: you can use as a small pendant or as a pendant for a couple of earrings like a pendant to put in a bracelet this is definitely one basic technique that will be very useful we can say that he has one variant of the cap and goldsmith e as I told you, you can apply it either on flat cakes or on briolette
  • 04:12: the only thing to consider that when use crumbs with 3 or as in In this case I used meat outgoing of swarovski in case there are many facets let 's say the decoration with the thread of metal can also come a little irregular if you like this it was a little less ordered than the thread wraps the bead and nothing I greet you I hope I have been useful too
  • 04:42: this time I 'll see you soon bye