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Rub LAYFHAKA for explosive dusting of bait at a bottom (The diary of the fisher)

Rub LAYFHAKA for explosive dusting of bait at a bottom (The diary of the fisher)  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, I'm glad you welcome to channel blog Fishing today her short again Video after you
  • 00:30: life hacking fishing because there are many questions about how to revitalize bait to it pylila to it I created a lot of haze all oxygen others around him and so short today short video a video response you I find it easier to remove the sea small video than meet all comments so that we went need bait bait like Liu I-ba no scorching scorching all matter can be even your personal we it revive any form
  • 01:00: whatever it was not we need water we need empty container us It needs citric acid and soda food will Several variants first embodiment will most budget and cheapest 2 well to a little more expensive but Now the result and you think to surprise and so what we do in first take bait so she moisturize and and that is so we do on
  • 01:30: pond add some water to it little that it does not was not pereuvlazhnyat her and mix Now mixed and Now we give and 10 minutes all factions soaked in elbow they set aside aside us ten minutes Tanais take empty capacity and take well, we experiment
  • 02:03: take one spoonful teaspoon citric acid is and soda food we need ordinary half 10 and half spoon and all mix interfere literally
  • 02:40: moment all mixed remove take an empty container our bait which is soaked remove a little bit of the first ball and We pour our mixture mixed icon It should just be wet that it lepilos well but
  • 03:11: while on a well falling apart mixed Now do just ball Well Th time arrange experiment rybik kazantip as we see
  • 03:42: bait alive fine dusts oxygen saturation just mad so work out soda and most importantly that We bait on it constantly at the bottom of it does not take off and brings the bulk of the bottom and all the murk and pay great attention
  • 04:14: pieces and pay note any bubbles go up here so dregs going around to what some particularly fish likes Even fine particles at the bottom and those already on the dust War is hard to see certainly expand his ball is like this make you well
  • 04:44: well, it is clear that the result of which we needs citric acid and soda I I think that this is a very even the available raw materials for bait the second option is now I'll show you more road course second embodiment of a guys bait effervescent tablet can be any It matters or was that there is an error Vitamin eat and aspirin and that is, well,
  • 05:15: Of course there is price but nevertheless today we do with a tablet take a pill and I know how are stuck in a bowl that she was within Balloon ready omit capacity Now we wait until saturated with water balloon depending upper
  • 05:45: how dense the ball well, also I think through minute will start you work again fix that closer to the midway You see the bait same thing but without soda that is, until before pop has not reached practically it is not it's a little dusty small particles so much oxygen beyond that is possible have even compared the same bait to and now
  • 06:17: Now impregnated Moisture inside all began alive bait saturated oxygen that is fish anyway note necessarily just to see if underwater shooting
  • 06:47: when the fish eats around himself then increase even when she is looking for land Motel there is such a blur rises It is going all the fish stable. and pay account of all he Vodicka reached here in one place geyser It is the bait absolutely identical the first version of it was all powerful war 2 for a slow that is, as it were,
  • 07:18: a little longer is process but the process is disposed of if the particles again I say let there are a lot of peas and corn flour shot, small fraction therefore, light particles very little so here you can say when at feed places 834 ball without pills
  • 07:50: assume or without soda they should not last longer will dissolve and throw one two balls all active process It is that there is at there are much better a third embodiment do tablet to back it It needs citric acid teaspoon 2 teaspoons baking soda food lump
  • 08:22: undertook future husband it at all and all carefully mix Mischa 10 minutes less visible It begins haritsya already see from moisture
  • 08:52: do you have humidity weak apartment You can do so put refrigerator cool sharply and reach and begin to interfere with very quickly about already collected lumps so a little bit more but hinder It feels like moisture removed so I look like I plucked up the moisture take the syringe cut tip fall asleep soda so here it
  • 09:25: presses and presses piston so here remove all unnecessary and carefully squeezing tabletochku about all one tablet there we do everything others just same type in the piston finger presses and click tillage
  • 09:56: there and lay on St. simply give dry out here such tabletochki but turned diameter It depends on the number of how much you hook in the syringe itself so well that now 3 to close up the hot We omit all 3 ball here
  • 10:32: so It starts slowly work breaks more activity I works but leads soda so that you guys are here three options really you are working I was asked I to you removed first embodiment most nuclear break and saw
  • 11:02: 2 more in the trash sensitive to a tablet manenko 3 also but so fast Currently we We see all that's visible moisture is reached Tablets as we see geyser works lure He is doing his thing here guys that you I showed you asked it's even better than would I explained to you comments so Thank you for viewing and
  • 11:32: Here is such a you quick video not forget to subscribe to group in contact schoolmates instagram links description of all thank you for your attention and for view and all until good luck guys [music]