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  • 00:00: All regards this project is another kitchen with you, I alexander friends today a new recipe pancake pie with tomato sauce and cheese sounds already appetizing and how it will be
  • 00:30: prepare the first time support cooking start with pancakes for this we need 300 milliliters of milk a couple of eggs and 150 grams flour with a small pinch of salt slightly we'll now add half milk here and all the flour neatly here such a pancake concentrate we got
  • 01:06: now we introduce the remnants of milk and stir to the consistency we need so damn it and this is the result let us stand for 10 minutes. warmed up by baking cheerful pancakes in our dough will add literally a spoon vegetable oils have always done so my mom so I'm mixing the dough
  • 01:37: I like very good take the floor podareshki our task is to make the pancakes the most the main rovnenkie well and delicious course naturally fry from both sides as you it is me you smiling friends let's take sauce for him a handful of tomato is here on my and we are half a kilo
  • 02:07: olive oil two or three tablespoons slice cheese gram 150 per will think enough pinch of salt and cloves of garlic tomatoes friends that's this sort of gargamel very I myself like the name well, and taste they are chic for sauce friends to us will need to be there from without seeds and skins so we try to separate this whole thing gorgeous look what beauty oh you can well, well, nafig this sauce you
  • 02:38: saw what kind of tomato is almost black and that's it. from this inside what he is appetizing and more I will tell you all the delicious things from me the last is left and now grind our tomatoes [applause] well, beauty, friends, several seeds, sauce Do not spoil whatsoever see what
  • 03:08: export option a couple of spoons of olive oil do not wait till warmed up here the same garlic let garlic literally a minute-a-minute will be fried oil its all flavors we take garlic here he slightly lightly has his gilded for me it is fragrant enough and now our tomato is like this for me
  • 03:38: the sauce was delicious now add a pinch of salt and if friends try your tomatoes if you have here sourish add a pinch of sugar Well, of course, a little more flavor I add a pinch of origano all give boil still literally 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 04:08: ready to sauce ready cool the cheese on a large grater see your favorite delicious and which well melts we start to collect pancake tomato is evenly applied to this face we try that everywhere we have the tomato was that every bit was machine and here a little bit of a drop
  • 04:40: excellent and now they are very moist still want to Well, not much cheese was on but now I want to so I think it will be so enough and cover the next and so Until the pancakes are not primitive nothing is collected from here but the last one damn our taco
  • 05:15: you can already sprinkle cheese on a plentiful so that it directly melted and turned out such a crust by the way friends of the oven I already turned on for 200 degrees at this temperature and we bake at us in general all is ready pancakes are ready cheese sauce We need him to get well and for gold plated and the total number of pancakes 8 pieces my one was a little on trial Bake for 18 minutes, it is in our oven
  • 05:47: hot aroma of crazy well know what it will not be bad they but it seems to me reviews and I do not even know how to give it cool or not let cool I will not I tolerate you and will not try to torment you cut a piece Ukhta but how do you take that once again here is not Well, well, and here it is beauty
  • 06:19: hold uhta-pukta you saw it I I love words is not enough to convey that feel full of enthusiasm friends this fantasy here is asked directly basil put added flavor it's something unreal you've seen all tried everything very strongly I recommend that you prepare and cook this tomato yourself
  • 06:49: sauce gentle pancakes tomato sauce from sweet tomato and cheese what else do you want to be beautiful was happy with you try this recipe in full delight I share a recipe with you I hope that tomorrow we will you still see you do not switch this project is another kitchen will taste better tastier and tastier until