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Сделайте ЭТО и больше не ездите в автосервисы…  See details »

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  • 00:00: This video was made with the support and betting company 1x b here always High odds and big winnings register now on site of the most reliable bookmakers all links in the description under the video friends today we have another homemade which will help you significantly save on car maintenance for We will need hard plastic tube with a diameter of about 5 millimeters well and about a meter long Next you need a remote fuel pump for example from the Volga, I would have found that
  • 00:31: does not give the right pressure but the worker Then we need to add our plastic tube to the input of this the pump I used two pieces of hose 1 by 5 millimeters and the second by 8 in total a rather dense connection was obtained Next, we need a wire to connect the pump I took the most common stranded in double insulation section 0 7 millimeters and made one crocodile for quick connection later
  • 01:01: you can also install a switch in general we have such an oil here sucking because the main reason for which drivers do not change their own oil this lack with sodium and trestle well any lift but on some cars need to be removed protection because of such a fairly simple procedures people have to travel to car service and pay money, and regularly But with this device you can solve this problem. problem I just came up with a replacement oil on his knees and now driving her into garage and check our
  • 01:32: devices for this we omit our thin hose through the probe tube to the stop I even made a special note for this turn on the pump and see how you see it by the way I warmed the engine somewhere up to 70 degrees so that the oil becomes more liquid but The same moment that does not burn at accidental contact with the canister in general procedure took about three minutes and everything oil in our canister is still We'll go down into the hole to unscrew the drain plug
  • 02:03: and see what part of the oil has not merged many people are not very positive to replace such a method including so let's now definitely decide Whether in such ways these oils or not I I think there are milliliters left a hundred-two hundred yeah. okay, oil does not even think to flow out then there is thus we are even more complete it rolled out including burial The pallets are here and then remains replace the filter I had by the way was
  • 02:33: installed basalt let's see it right away, let's see in what state do you see the element whole even under mechanical influence no rupture occurs paper here you see quite tightly what she has thickness check valve here metal and bypass is done too so that break down yeah especially nothing can not be said about many other I also did not see any filters so we will put fakes again
  • 03:04: basalt with such money think the best option you will not find on the oil I think you can also do a test run as you can see, it's not so dark if remember to fill it with a polymer of 5-40 she kept the new 13 kilograms load on the friction machine after five thousand ten kilograms or in the present the mileage on it is 8000 since urban operating conditions to the same not very sparing the oil I decided
  • 03:34: replace a little earlier, well, more accurately, to 10000 now let's see what load stand this workout the machine is turned off turns out [music] [applause]
  • 04:04: nine and a half kilograms pretty Well, well, in principle, a stain from the nose usually and no magic for now especially do not see the point of doing tests of others
  • 04:36: motor oils because everything here satisfied and the price and quality do not know how would this in the future but so far more there is a plus that there are no fakes and if you want to see more tests of oils on the channel tone write it in the comments well and of course which brands you are more I'm interested in principle, but for the time being did not know, maybe then everything will change for the summer decided pour 1040 also for further tests I think before the winter roll the necessary check because now there is already much more and see in general
  • 05:07: how she will show herself because many who use it in general write reviews in comments friends to whom I liked today's homemade dressing put your thumb up Well, who does not have the opportunity to make Well, or just do not want something sold ready-made options for aliexpress if interesting link left under the video on today all subscribe to the channel not to miss the new video thanks for attention and while