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  • 00:00: [music] hello hello today for you i I want to make a recipe simple but very delicious crispy marinated zucchini prepared they special recipe and what kind of recipe will you see and what do we need It is required for these zucchini that is for recipe zucchini young carrots garlic and the greens I took parsley and dill can take even coriander vinegar or acetic essence pepper
  • 00:31: black peas fragrant pepper salt and sugar and the main good mood and some free time so start prepare before cooking it is necessary to sterilize banks that they already had sterilized I always sterilize on the contrary , I put them on a saucepan and she is boiling this way for me banks are sterilized as they sterilized you have many options
  • 01:01: it's in the oven how do I in this way or in the microwave that I will do the next now I will cut parsley and dill greens I will cut into small slices of garlic and rub the carrot but I'll lose it or on conventional vegetable cleaning or you can rub the carrot on a grater for Korean carrots and so proceed and so I already have a carrot ready it turned out to be such a beautiful straw
  • 01:34: she's such a day I'm so very cuts vegetable peel but it's nothing terrible cut herbs I her never I do not crush much for preservation and I cut here these here and small branches and cut it like garlic and so now we will prepare zucchini courgettes we will cut but cut you can in principle, as convenient for you desire
  • 02:05: and I so it will be thin plates and turn into a roll of zucchini very tasty and when you remove winter on the table they look very very originally that's the way I cut the zucchini they I get these thin slices I with vegetable cleaning and now we start filling jars [music] you
  • 02:46: [music] this Well, I remember the jars with zucchini on bottom of the can I put the greens of carrots then turned zucchini and tightly-tight I put them here in the bank right now. add black pepper and also fragrant sweet pepper pepper I add
  • 03:18: about one jar stuff three me this will be quite a lot I do not want here and also in the second jar added the recipe is very good very much obtained zucchini taste - bone and add about 3 peas of black pepper can be add down but I'm always on top because that I pour marinade and it is good there already goes on to say that the remaining
  • 03:50: zucchini which I have after conservation, I am in no way I throw them out and freeze and how I freez zucchini I'll show you in the nearest video I never throw out because zucchini young and delicious and so jars are ready now we are preparing marinade of marina from calculation for 1 liter and so the water we have boiled and now we are adding salt here salt per 1 liter I get one dining room
  • 04:21: Spoon with a slide mixed and 2 sugar without a hill stir the marinade for an hour to boil literally a couple of minutes and we will fill our marinade with our ready zucchini which are already in the bank hot marinade pour the jars to the and leave about 4 minutes of movie 4 at
  • 04:51: 5 so that they stand then we will sterilize them I already covered the lids with jars were already also stylized and so we leave now they will stand 45 minutes and will continue to close them and so I had a bank for about 4 minutes now I put them in a pot to the bottom I put the pans on the towel
  • 05:21: or a rag you can put cover lids but do not twist and now zalyu water to the shoulders in the can, that is, cans and will be sterilized from the moment of boiling exactly five minutes, no more than otherwise zucchini you just become soft the jars have been boiling since boiling for 5 minutes now in each I carefully add the jar to 1 in
  • 05:51: liter bank that is, here's 1 liter in liter jar I add 50 milliliters I have a nine percent vinegar bank liter also in the second grandmother add here so now we are tight tightly close the lids
  • 06:22: close to avoid burning your hands tightly close tightly and to check tightness of the can turn around like this if you have nothing hence the bank is closed very well, too, close the second jar and we will enclose these banks that is
  • 06:52: wrap in a warm towel and leave until the complete cooling of the zucchini ready they turned out to be very tasty crispy fragrant such zucchini can be served on any festive table is prepared easy and simple and requires little ingredients and if you liked my recipe that you will not like likes put dislays and subscribe on the channel and do not forget to click on bell to not miss a new one
  • 07:22: interesting video interesting videos will be very much and a lot because we will be with you cook and experiment on my kitchen, I wish you all the best cook with love also experiment and all you will be able to do everything for the time being until new meetings