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  • 00:00: lexin you on the channel knit together with lenochka very glad to see you all we are good and today the next drawing crochet simple handsome one you do not know super nice but pretty nice such and for a beginner girl not only for beginners, I think that will be useful to your so look in the first row What should we do today? We have one and the same is repeated staggered he very light and very simple drawing for we need to dial 28 air and in the first row we will have to
  • 00:33: in the third loop, see the girls in The third loop is airy to make two column with one crochet then skip one two three four loop and into the fifth loop of the chain do column with one cuff and in the same loop another column with one we skip another two and three the fourth loop of the chain to the next year from this column from the last we knit 5 columns in one loop with one
  • 01:03: and then continue to get two bars 52 column 1 air all very, very easy, I'm already good scored has already collected 28 air loops and now that we have to do one two three in the third loop here it is the third loop to make two bars with one crochet straight in one loop
  • 01:35: stretch evenly desirable smooth so you need 5 miss 1 2 3 and 4 and now 4 missed the fifth loop chains do with you 1 bar with one with an air loop and in the same loop make one more column with one cape
  • 02:06: skip 4 loop loops 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 so 3 4 1 2 3 in the fourth loop we will do with you part of the 5 bars with one how to make as a post does not know now I'll show it well we make a crochet drink and lichku hook grab a thread stretch knotted first two hinges on hook then another 2
  • 02:38: so we need to make five bars with with one cloak, we've done three four five here it's after all 25 now we picard let down 3123 up to 3 loops 1 2 3 and in the fourth loop make a column with one air cushion
  • 03:08: loop and a column with one more nakidom gets us here such here tick to see here we are made a column with one air cushion loop and another column then 5 bars made in one loop through three passed again three simple loops of a chain and in the fourth loop we do with you again column with one air cushion loop a column without a crochet again that we
  • 03:39: let 's skip one two three and the fourth loop of the chain is 5 columns with a single crochet we do everything in one column of bones try pulling straight then you always both buildings will be very very neat and 4 and 5 where they alternate again by missing three
  • 04:13: one two three and in the fourth we knit a column with one cape an air loop and in this the same loop one more post with one crochet it should turn out so and now skip three loops 1 2 3 and the fourth last fagot
  • 04:43: we make 3 columns with one crochet and see the last loop of the girl do 3 stakes with one crochet also skip three tabs and the fourth the fourth last we make 3 columns with one-piece So now I'll show you now I 'm learning
  • 05:14: to make a loop all goes like this the third column is the last we do let's see what we got a It turned out that this is all very very just very much through u on and such cute now we will knit a second row 2 i'm the girl look we need make three loops here are three lifting loops immediately 1 st base is the last column and we make 1 more column with one
  • 05:47: but two columns with one an airy loop under this little fagot under this archo which forms do 5 columns with one crochet and that's where we are make 5 bars with one crochet in 3 the middle column is again 1 column with 1 with an air loop and another 1 a column with one crochet and like this we We will all be alternated constantly the whole of it consists of two series of
  • 06:17: it's all he's very easy honest and yet about knitting the second row 23 unfolding work and here, here, look here here we make another 1 bar with one now we have a check mark on there was an air column and a column Here under this here air we do 5 columns with one crochet over here we introduce here between these two columns
  • 06:50: the third column is even about four minutes For the same column of the arched column, see Here are 4 and 5 obtained between two posts we sew another 5 1 2 loop airily and right here in this archo this is what we get further see what we do must do 123 here it is the middle column
  • 07:22: Here and 3 d it turns out we make a column with one with an air loop and a belly in here. The same loop is still a column with one then on to the next 5 2 columns and air loop do between the two posts of 5 columns with one crochet these bars
  • 07:57: the fourth column and 5 here you know you can easy to remember where it was five bars of wasps and then there will be five posts in the middle of the table without the most the most average weave 2 sticks 1 an air loop and another column so here it is gets 100 hectares where we have there were two bars between the two bars knit 5 all this whole picture remember the very beginner will be
  • 08:30: sit and knit quietly you can use this for knitting openwork cardigans will be very no so not bad here of course to prove openwork cardigans do you know for years and Here is the beginning of autumn of the same light microfiber from cotton here and thus it turns out with a clap and yes from such Yarn Yeah So One Do It talked now in the same loop we make the second column in the same loop
  • 09:01: we make the third column with one crochet and and the same picture can be with us use for knitting the snuffs of scarves Well, you want blouses he duck easy so the girls said it was done to him middle see the column with one crochet Here it is the middle one making an air loop and still in the same loop a bar with one cape so the next and so between the two here
  • 09:32: these we make 5 bars with one crochet 1 two not 4 5 and look at the end we get what we do in the third air loop
  • 10:04: make two bars with one crochet 3 air loops for the next row 1 2 3 so let's see what we have it turns out we have it from the wrong side of it. faces then whether he is the same sasha constantly alternates's watch and he even
  • 10:35: a little will last absolutely often the picture will be slightly tied I'll show you how it will look and we're in third row that we will do will repeat completely 1 years let's talk about knitting now 3 4 5 row yourself and see what happens the same we have here are girls smi we will do more that you could calmly look like he it turns out how this picture looks look it turns out look checkerboard order is very easy these
  • 11:07: The first two rows of 3 are exactly like 1 4 like 2 2 number of just alternating and they are very bluffing the series is very easy to remember where it was five bars mean average knitting column with one cuff a column with one crochet where there were two column air loop knit 5 all one to watch and here behind the edges here they are in our eyes, but here too it is very important
  • 11:37: easy to remember is just very easy so that's what we have next with you forest of luck appeared I hope you like and you will definitely come in handy many drawings and said we never knitting life is us the more better but this is only my opinion of course so thank you to everyone who came in guests who are not yet subscribed to subscribe to channel do not hesitate to click on the bell thank you very much
  • 12:08: For all while while and to new meetings