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  • 00:00: Good day Irina Breadfood welcome to my let's continue the cycle video of home conservation Today we will close Sweet Bulgarian pepper recipe i call fast or lazy because he really much easier such traditional or classical sunset recipe Bulgarian pepper and this is its main advantage of pepper it turns out delicious kept
  • 00:30: but I do not remember any conservation issues but to my taste he slightly denser than i love i love by that the pepper was a little bit softer and a little bit in plastic cook for recipe we need 3 kilos of sweet Bulgarian pepper before you need to in advance wash and dry clean and cut We weigh pepper already prepared by sliced add pepper a large bowl pour steep with boiling water so that
  • 01:00: pepper was only only covered cover and leave 10-15 minutes to before it became softer and more plastic it was easier split into banks a meanwhile we cook marinade and marinades on every liter of water need a glass sugar is about 200 gram and dining room spoon of salt opportunities take fireplace and because such salt is not contains anti the following substances and other unnecessary additives also marinade
  • 01:30: can put spices according to your taste I this time added a few peas black pepper several peas buds of cloves incidentally I will say that cloves pepper I added 1 I think that in last time because to me on there did not like though it's a matter of taste here so your we give discretion boil two to three minutes and shoot our fire the marinade is ready for three kilo of pepper mean two and a half liter
  • 02:01: marinade pepper spread out in in advance sterilized banks are unusual I sterilize the banks in oven for this banks My put in cold oven inserts temperature 120 130 degrees Celsius when the oven warm up to this temperature hold cans 5-7 minutes if seam so that they completely dried up covers as a rule just pour steep with boiling water and leave for 5-7 minutes each jar we add vegetable oil from calculating the dining room
  • 02:31: spoon of oil on liter bank and vinegar from calculation 2 tablespoons of nine vinegar on liter jar pour hot marinade to the very top tightly close it is possible screw caps it is possible under the machine that there is a sunset banks at once same we turn wrap and give cool down completely such pepper as the whole I am conserving myself
  • 03:02: usually stored in cool room because he will be stored at room temperature so our pickled pepper is ready to roll up try it I really hope that he you will also like it thanks for being with We watched the video and just you but the room good to sharp before new videos