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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends welcome everyone who came to my channel today I started doing You already saw the necklace on this thread My experiments with the bracelet and now I I want to use it in a necklace
  • 00:30: [music] I'm on a simple mosaic harness flashing it at once with a fur here and so on. it turns out I will also be do an increase ie he will thicken this flagellum and weave more bead beads will be square the same the most that I use in a bracelet
  • 01:02: this is who x but to show you This method I decided on on another bead and because this transparent and not very good it will be seen that i have a sample first I'll show on another bead that's what's in me I did not draw a magazine. I found a scheme simple mosaic rope in the beginning he
  • 01:33: will consist of 9 beads Well, well, who has never drunk a mosaic bundle and make a still picture and consider this scheme Here for a sample, I even decided to take beads of the eighth number to be larger and you could clearly see it I dial 9 9 beads and close them in
  • 02:05: ring for this I'm here about passed the first two beads finish I leave now I leave just a little so this is my sample and so you leave such an end that you can then clasps make or continue weaving in the other direction is a mosaic band
  • 02:36: it can be weaved and in the other direction we are now starting to pick up the beads one at a time through one that is, here is the childishness alongside here we go out here so we go so take the next bead and again 1 skip we introduce the following, that is, how we do it
  • 03:09: mosaic weaving only here it goes round the first row, he will not lie yet how beautiful we will then draw it so we are moving I am working from right to left when doing This tourniquet now I will pull up properly and will be immediately visible so and through one we go here and now we put everything in
  • 03:40: time for one bead between who are acting like we are now very inconvenient to hold it's really that the I'm using skewer now I see this and see a series and I'll show you now put a skewer and
  • 04:22: it will be more convenient to keep well when I'm still one row tied up, one can already see this a mosaic so I a little povyazhu that you have understood that as it is knitted simply mosaic burn that is, here you see to when on the floor it's really necessary to knit on the tenth issue
  • 04:53: just for 8 it's a bit thin, he a little bit of beads walks but but the picture is large and you better see it so he 's knit circle around it turns out he's spiral here there are no lifting loops here he and drags and I want it right fur coat that means fur it
  • 05:34: it means beads like I will do whether the branches are stained with chopsticks in this case there will not be a branching just classic fur here so you understood yes means how to embroider water with fur on which songs on those who perform here act I will make a twig not a twig and I'll be picking up another bead
  • 06:05: for fur I'll take another color to the contrast was clear to you, so I I will type 3 beads 3 beads Here I am typing 3 beads one leave go back through the door this can be 4 5 8 10 that is, it depends on what you came up with
  • 06:35: so I enter again in the same bead which now I was tied up and Now I'm inserting the bead here between these speakers that is doing On this next I am this mosaic again I'm making a twig So
  • 07:19: and I already pass it here I leave mosaic and so progress but it depends on your idea that is it can be done not in every row through a row there I do not know here At me now here such goes weaving on
  • 07:52: thread multicolor I want to try achieve a different effect present we do the next thing twig fur of course this work is very laborious
  • 08:24: I'm not sure what I'll show in this video you results because it is not working one day on to imagine what's on every bead will have to be done sprig I wanted to take this work with me to recreation but on vacation I can not make a video so I'll show you the idea itself and
  • 08:54: The result is likely to be seen later or look then in instagramme my photo of this work So now it means that we are playing here
  • 09:26: these songs that we have we put in now and this is in on which we have expanded so here we are we insert just our mosaic and it is possible in principle to skip the series and then there will be everyone but I'm whoring now. on each that is I will have these branchlets To go in a spiral as well as the flagellum itself and so you must understand that it means that we
  • 10:00: we expand on some beads koch a mosaic paste the following Well, that's how we continue to weave I'll see how it came out in the record because I can not both weave and look at the fact that me
  • 10:30: is recorded if it worked out well, I'll finish if No, I'll show you again, well, when you understood the technology of weaving such a tourniquet I will now show the flagellum which I am now a plate here these it turns out that color what thread is now going to mean a cast I on a transparent bead this is the number 000 50a thread I took here such a color here a few meters
  • 11:05: one color after a few meters a different color and due to this will be such a multicolored flagellum means beginning on here do sprigs of three beads then I will be one by one add that is, I will now bind centimeters 5 1 1 size and then go to a bigger one and so on and I will insert more beads at the end, I'll show you one time as I do this here are three beads I
  • 11:36: scored still now I'm holding with a skewer because still a flagella small sweat maybe it will not be need and if you are comfortable you make a small wand that will you have here so I did twig and went through bead on which I did not do this wand next I take one single bead so and there not far I do not see it
  • 12:15: we pass here that which acts you see on a transparent bead very well seen so I showed you it's all on another bead next again I I type 3 and so here I go here an interesting but gets the job done now I want to show that a couple have already passed
  • 12:46: days can more that's what turns out then there are approximately four centimeter here so 4 centimeters here I am doing an increase then naturally there were 3 beads here already 4 then 5 now 6 string goes naturally I'm not now it was yellow
  • 13:16: now gone blue then probably will orange green and purple this is how how it will turn out and it will turn out and periodically I leave these beads here they are not on every branch I will have a at intervals me so even I try a little bit in a chaotic order to avoid
  • 13:47: it was such a spiral figure here so there is no I think that now I'm 6 beads once again I will increase to 7 otherwise there will be a very thick flagellum and when I get to the middle then in reverse symmetric Reduce the water but the color of the color will burn change throughout all because pretty much here and 5 meters
  • 14:19: maybe more The color goes and this is enough just like that. somewhere here at such a distance so let's see how I get to then I'll show you what I think before you leave for me I will really be sick, I want him Finish and then it turns out that It is necessary to finish 1 series then begins another do not like when the thing is not
  • 14:52: finished though and wanted to take it on rest I just rest on you and will be slightly different option to cheer me up finished look what turned out delights he is so nice to touch his right here so here's a touch to touch here he is turned out to be colored but who does not know what A colored thread might think that this beads were used differently at the very
  • 15:23: this is so transparent beads will become takes color I unfortunately have no tags at the moment. the bracelet that I did I did it right away bought earrings, too, I did not even have time take a picture of them I'm pretty like it turned out such a cheerful summer [music]
  • 15:55: summer necklaces now I'll take a picture of him and I think that it will be the same beautiful mainly as the main element in there is a bracelet that I have already made and earrings to it, too, already have see what a beauty it turned out Well, here's a transparent bead I want to say
  • 16:27: It went very well that I had still small bags of 5 grams which I also needed, that is, the total is probably gone if count for a bracelet then probably 150 grams well, and this one square beads too here it took 20 grams of each color
  • 17:00: that if anyone wants to repeat have in view of that the consumption of beads here is very great on this I say goodbye to you on today goodbye to new meetings be all well