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  • 00:00: good afternoon my dear today to originally Russian dish with an aboriginal Russian sweet pastila from apples apples in Russia has always been a lot of which many were prepared, including Here is a tasty and useful pastille and since the pastille could be cook literally from any apples from scum of immature from overripe from any is also a great way recycling the harvest of apples and so on. we need apples for my Antonovka on the table you see beautiful apples
  • 00:30: intact but even in reality for pastilles I usually use apples de I was too shy to put these apples on the desktop and so on the side cut off all the superfluous seeds removed has removed all or rotted or something spoiled and from these apples can be covered and we will need 5 liter saucepan though of course you You can take another capacity just me somehow got used to preparing a pastille in a
  • 01:01: capacity and only then count to the bottom pots pour a little water so but it was covered and a bit over the top here I poured here about 100 somewhere milliliters then cut the apples cover the pan with a lid and set it on slow fire and wake up apples to the full readiness and softness you can do this in many ways by the way apples chop and microwave
  • 01:31: you can here in the same way as I am on I showed this method exactly because in my opinion he is the most universal antonovku certainly better Total bake but if you have any other apples unripe overripe then all of them it's better to cook I periodically stir the apples 3 they even your own juice, at least as an option you can add a little more water and then constructed a cover and
  • 02:02: leave this way under the cover of the package readiness not to touch them stir from if extinguishing periodically if there is need to add a little water to slightly if apples are acidic you can add a little sugar to taste you can sugar and does not add here everything depends on you do not ask a bit sweeten the candy so I'm a little bit adding sugar here on such a pan
  • 02:32: probably somewhere around 4 tablespoons so we bring the apples to full readiness for total softness as an option, by the way, you can pan with chopped apples put in preheated oven and weigh apples until full of readiness in the oven for the park apples do not use enameled dishes because the apples will burn Take either an aluminum pan or I've already cooked the steel apples and
  • 03:02: Now the apple mass we need to develop 2 can be done in different ways to me most conveniently with an immersion blender option can either be wiped through a sieve You can try to knead with a crib if will remain small pieces of apples nothing terrible here such a result is not it turned out puree and then we need it Boil off to soar by choosing an excess liquid over low heat with constant stirring because it is so thick
  • 03:32: gurgles if grumbles Spray scattered all over the kitchen because how he breathes on slow fire to not burned down for the thicket them then built by shooting from the fire because what a thick apple mass and more we will need to dry it we cover the baking sheet with baking paper and lay out the prepared apple puree is such a five-liter pot does not
  • 04:03: grabs exactly 2 baking trays and just to her both put in the oven and simultaneous listening to two layers of apple pastille I spread the apple puree layer about half a centimeter like this in my view this ideal thickness because the result is not very good thin but at the same time quite easy juice and dry it like this, I look dried pastille as you can see it is not stick to hands dry candy pretty
  • 04:33: long somewhere about an hour three or four at a temperature not exceeding 100 degrees Cesium and the oven must It is slightly open just put a thin pencil in order so that we could easily be like wet steam dried pastille remove paper turn over and under need to dry the pastille with another country by the way when I dry 2 baking trays simultaneously
  • 05:06: necessarily include convection and exhibit a temperature of eighty degrees Celsius as a result five-liter pot of sliced ​​apples I got two sheets of pastille Look how beautiful she was, she easily Turns can be rolled up with a roll and in this form can be stored and can be cut and fold the jar I prefer to cut you do not need a year so much
  • 05:37: roll out jars as chewing sweets for taste of pastille Sour taste in part resembles taste dried apples but this is not surprising in Essentially it is dried apples but so it can be cut very deliciously and very useful and useful for children and the most the main thing is that you can weld the letters from any I would certainly especially buy apples for pastilles I would not became but all the zones are all neighbors in the country
  • 06:07: give dregs and from them I cook like this he let go deliciously and so pasty from apples is not ready traditionally wish a pleasant tea party please try thanks for what was with me watched the video if its you the best