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Насыпной яблочный пирог ТРИ СТАКАНА. Очень ПРОСТОЙ И ВКУСНЫЙ. Пирог, который всегда получается. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends we Today we will cook delicious bulk pie is very in an unusual way maybe you do not even heard of such a miracle reception at his cooking will go away very little time the most difficult part is the recipe is to rub it apples you probably think that now see the test recipe with yogurt and eggs no, today we are not
  • 00:30: we will prepare such dough but at the end of the video we get apple pie real jam intrigued then look further that we will do so we will need the following Ingredients flour, sifted premium grade 1 glass semolina 1 cup sugar sugar 1 glass apples sweet and sour juicy and a half kilogram or six
  • 01:00: large pieces of cinnamon two teaspoons you can take vanillin or tank, take what do you like baking powder for one dining room a spoon Butter 180 grams we have this one packet of salt 1 3 teaspoonfuls spoons of lemon juice three tablespoons and raisins 05 glasses warm up oven with
  • 01:30: temperature 180 degrees in capacity fall asleep 1 glass of sifted flour 1 a glass of sugar and 1 a glass of semolina we mix 3 cups different ingredients people went from here name pie 3 cups further we add one a third of a teaspoon salt and one dining room spoon of baking powder for the test everything mix the mass must be homogeneous clear apples from
  • 02:07: rinds remove the core and rub them on coarse grater [music] that grated apples
  • 02:38: not oxidized for in order to give them slightly sour add them lemon juice from 3 to 5 tablespoons especially this you have apples are sweet so how pie can turn out sugary and sweet adding to grated apples 2 teaspoons cinnamon can take vanillin magician and so
  • 03:08: further and half a cup in advance of raisin all carefully mix [music] take a baking tray and above Tyrian number on a large grater 50 grams frozen
  • 03:38: butter other 130 grams leave for the top pirogue again shipping freezing oil camera take 4 tablespoons mixture and evenly distribute on the bottom pan and over grated creamy oils this is the first layer which is obligatory Align a lot mixture to the bottom do not then we form second layer of grated apples we take one third of the whole mass again align then
  • 04:10: repeat all several actions time the third layer from the mixture and the fourth layer of apples 5 layer from the mixture 6 layer of apples and 7 the final layer and mixtures [music] [music]
  • 05:08: we take from the freezing
  • 05:43: cameras remaining 130 grams of frozen butter and rub it on coarse grater on top for a mixture of all carefully level how much is it perhaps [music] we send pie
  • 06:37: bake in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees 50 minutes to golden crust if desired, grated apples together with raisins can be added for example, walnut Nuts or do a layer of cottage cheese it all depends on your fantasy creamy oil on top and bottom pie melts and pro nourish the upper and lower layers of dough apples will also give juice and impregnate the dough to
  • 07:08: the same for acid we added lemon juice it will also help dough is better soak in As a result, we get tender and very delicious pie without kneading test and unnecessary trouble all our pie is ready important moment hot pie immediately cut you can not otherwise he can crumbles or break wait wait until it cools and can it be safely serve [music]
  • 07:39: dad than we decorate sprinkle with sugar powdered nothing sunshine it Let's not scary rash let's it be for a lot of pie will be
  • 08:18: very sweet colored pie will be beautiful cake Well, give such a pie we baked today powdered sugar and decorate or not this at your request he and that's enough sweet and delicious Let's see what it turned out to be within [music]
  • 08:48: [music]
  • 09:34: [music] but if you like
  • 10:11: prescribe put husky subscribe to our channel write comments friends while until the new meetings [music]