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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, I'm here today. I want to show you how you can make this fleece blouse her can be worn as lifting added panties and also how a valuable thing so how to sew I will not from simple fleece and from the fleece psionic on on the wrong side, he looks like fleece on face like smooth jersey looks like a foot with lycra I will sew this blouse by pattern of a turtleneck since we do not need too wide jacket
  • 00:31: it is necessary that she sat almost figure but I I will expand a little bit in the sleeve and in the side seam Let's start cutting we cut out one backrest detail with folded pattern is given without allowances for seams I herself and cut it out leaving floor allowances centimeter from below one and half centimeter Here's to this pattern side seam and I added one more centimeter is obtained in the neck and
  • 01:01: shoulder seam I'm nothing do not change the bottom to allowance of one and a half centimeter, I added another three centimeters now we cut out front part to us we need two parts here already cut out without fold as front will be on lightning from the side clasps here on center we add 1 centimeter for sewing zippers from below also add 3 centimeter seam add 1
  • 01:32: centimeter balance cut out a pattern he is here from the side clasps in half we cut out 2 sleeves bottom allowance one and half centimeter the rest at the start at I get a floor centimeter and now to this pattern still add on the side one centimeter just like we added in the side seam [music]
  • 02:03: now we need carve the collar and I I cut the edge fold in half and cut out the collar on pattern clasp- side add 1 centimeter just like we added to the details the shelves remain carve a side we take the shelf part
  • 02:40: clasp- side apply here this way and cut the width selection do you I do 45 centimeters [music] Let's start sewing first we need shoulder shoulders she put on the overlock 4
  • 03:13: inaccurate power archer seam and needles for knitwear number 80's ironing seams on the side Now back at the tea collar for this is noted middle backrest mark the middle of collar pile erotic
  • 03:46: in half and prutyuzhim now one side Stitch collar neck we combine middle on the collar and the middle on the back pin the collar needles then we will prune it on overlock [music] [music] I will line up
  • 04:20: plot with side neck [music] do not forget that shoulder seams looking on the back side press seam on collar side in an open armhole
  • 04:55: we grind both sleeves [music] [music] [music]
  • 05:26: [music] at a stranger's seam on the side
  • 05:59: whom [music] we put in hands half-and-half seam on the sleeve and combining side seam and now one stachnoy stitched seam on the sleeve and side the seam [music] in this place try fabric lay out straight line that the seams we had
  • 06:41: equal to one from the other side seam we'll start the line now with a lateral seam they 40 as we did on the other side is ironing side seams and seam on sleeve on the side backrests [music] now open
  • 07:13: side selection then need to be processed for overlock [music] take the right side and we need it connect with collar do it as follows Pritachivaem podborota to
  • 07:47: collar at the top of the key [music] press seam on collar side and also the edge collar fits on
  • 08:17: half a centimeter and too, iron bottom I bent for one and a half centimeter with ironed and now we fold the collar in half we combine throats and determine how far from we will be podbort the extra I cut off edge cutting fabrics are not plus plus sex centimeter for seams to connect
  • 08:48: podbort and podbibku [music] connect the bottom together blouses and not from podborta we weap them and immediately continue sewing on overlock
  • 09:18: process the bottom of the blouse as I will do a subtle I did not waste a I'll send it to the sewing we do not forget the typewriter that the seams at us lateral on the side of the backrest and immediately the same stitches sewing second leg iron the seam on the side sub-tail and now between under and
  • 09:49: we need a shelf Sew in the zipper [music] add one detail of a zipper between selection and assistance to its thus her first we will pin Needles if you do not I'm sure you can gently sew lightning the place of sewing lightning as from the side shelves and so
  • 10:21: hand selection then should be duplicated [music]
  • 10:53: lightning for my blouses too long therefore we now we shorten it put a mark yes where do we need shorten the lightning shoot this metal rivet [music] and rearrange the load mark
  • 11:25: plastic spiral sewn strips of cloth to us need to be neat line unscrew and remove this spiral [music] We have shortened the lightning and
  • 12:12: now it is perfect suitable for our blouse ponytail here in this way we turn and we supply zippers up to end and brother of the nickname prick the zipper on
  • 12:42: sewing machine we use 1 horn for pritachivaniya many here I am before the start of I I turn check am I all right [music] [music]
  • 13:12: now we will pratachivat second a piece of lightning and shortened the same image as we shortened first but us and from above will need to be done safety valve for slider lightning is not forget to note neck on the second details so that we then the throats coincided with us small
  • 13:42: trimming take small piece and let's do now safety valve in such a here's the way we fold the fabric half- and- half doing probably deployed kind of type of a square it's hard to see rectangle and draw a semicircle grind in this place an extra the fabric is cut off that's what we should turn out turn out on face and
  • 14:12: we got here such a semicircle fold it in half so i have too great I turned out I will cut a little bit ponytail with a zipper I turn and invest in this the valve is now his came on the typewriter and now this lightning with safety valve put between shelf and selection there we combine a mark on zipper and combine
  • 14:42: neck also pin up needles then module, and on typewriter [music] [music] now need
  • 15:19: process the second side of the collar and process bottom blouses we will do this one line all but first to us should be bent on one and a half centimeter is not Eat and sweep by hand also I will now be tack by hand I fold the collar on one and half centimeter him inward and take try to have me coincided with one
  • 15:50: side of the collar and with another [music] [music] Here I am completely swept second the collar and now we will otstrachivaem down at zipper and collar
  • 16:21: line before work with front side The bottom of the sleeves is processed in a circle on an overlock drove in one and a half centimeters and also from the line on machine if you have there is a stitching machine then you can down blouses process for questioned ki and also treat the bottom
  • 16:51: sleeves I decided to show Method of processing without cushioning machines as well as many it simply does not exist and our blouse from fleece is ready [music] if you like
  • 17:31: this video put husky write comments and subscribe to my the channel is also not forget to click on bell to prevent skip new video while [music] [music]