EASY Miniature Cauliflower - Polymer Clay Tutorial  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hey guys I know I've been posting quite a few vegetable videos lately and there will be more vegetable videos in the upcoming weeks as I'm preparing for the next media Fair but I will be posting other things as well so don't worry to make an easy cauliflower I took an off-white color and roll out a snake cut this into small pieces flatten each piece into irregular shapes and add
  • 00:36: texture using a toothbrush and a needle tool place the pieces on another ball off the
  • 01:21: off-white color you want to cover anything that's going to be visible after adding the leaves and to make the leaves I cut off some thin slices of a light green and use the mould I made in
  • 01:52: my cabbage tutorial to add texture after baking I used pastel mix with water chats and shading I also used an off white acrylic paint to enhance some of the veins but I only did this quickly
  • 02:23: since the bottom of these won't really be visible she would place and yet done