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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends in this video will try tell a terse about recent events my daughter in ours rural life but first I want share with you with their reflections I always thought that sooner or later on any thing if you wish this thing always sell there is customer question only in time to
  • 00:31: what am I telling you this know a little more two years ago when I moved here to this village for permanent residence I made 2 flower beds here is the to my right in the form moose and installed them here it is installed it is here that they are not just because the thing is that I then experienced extreme need for funds and believed that people on the road located behind my The back will
  • 01:02: be sure to pay attention to these flower beds and in ecstasy from what they saw run to me squeezing in fist of money bills for the purpose of order yourself and such same flower beds flower beds moose and you know not passed and two years as my business plan wonderful will not be afraid this word business plan worked let's we will not argue and enter into discussions about 2 years a lot of it or little is important
  • 01:32: business plan then worked with worked just so as I expected female resident the neighboring village driving along the road which you showed drew attention to my flower gardens and ordered me through his wife of two here these here wonderful losikov and today in the evening either she or her husband will come pick them up here the only one of course ordered it was a little on time since to me now a lot of things piled up
  • 02:02: and in cash I have no means such acute need as two years ago but nevertheless business plan after all worked and here are my whose words I said at the beginning of this video that on any thing sooner or later there is a buyer found their I do not confirm began to withdraw the process manufacture of these moose on camera and show you this video because in principle I have single video dedicated to my
  • 02:32: authorities flower garden where I specified and dimensions their and their peculiarities manufacturing therefore anyone interested can watch that video besides you know a pile of cases piled in last days produce these moose had literally in fits and starts a few days there by half an hour to two hours to cut out literally time except addition, I recently whether he recovered rotavirus is either
  • 03:02: poisoning but rather only 1 because if it were poisoning We would poison ourselves together with her daughter so how do we eat one and also practically but Thank God everything normal with health and I'm here the first day lay in lezhku completely with all signs poisoning the second the day began somehow move to the third day here a few days ago rose to his feet and started them manufacture so to be honest it was not for me to shoot especially but not so
  • 03:32: less today customers will come for Here these hair in addition three days I am so or otherwise do harvesting hay in that the latter three days in our unprecedented village it's worth the weather without rain such is our last month occurs only second time the first three day without rain in this I spent on what did you mow adjoining plot my signal
  • 04:02: dried all my cleaned now the same mowed this one station dried all hope on these three days and now with the help of daughter want it Remove and the problem is not only in that there are rains the problem is that the weather is perfect unpredictably and it is not clear who in this blame whether the general degradation in our country touched finally and hydrometeorological center and forecasts perfectly It is impossible to believe so they me
  • 04:32: how they change every day, well, then the weather is really became such the unpredictable have you come to the site the weather you are looking at the next week it's raining good do some you plan to do business there where construction or some shabby or that that else you come on the next day at the same site about the situation is completely changed, that is it's not all week rainy few days without rain You start
  • 05:02: to convulse mow the grass shabashki and maybe more mowing grass come back again every other day site is no longer 3 days without rain two or even one therefore here such here the situation here today yesterday and the day before yesterday I constantly ran and looked at the sky like there my hay is not will the rain begin will it dunk it to me lucky and really three days were without rain and here now my daughter and I
  • 05:32: we'll clean it up hay by the way she also have something to say on weather before we start hay hello when we here we went I took two swimsuit because there is a lake and I I think that I will be him swim very often but because of the rain they everyone is lying on my shelves today first time and only without swimsuits I swam
  • 06:02: tomorrow again the rains begin I I think that the remaining me a month my cube swimsuits fit in also on the shelf we go get everything cleaned up [music] and need [music] and
  • 06:40: [music] daewoo price frets [music] intel [music] [music]
  • 07:29: other [music] step a new bomb you [music] but almost all the day before yesterday I spent on repairs bikes the fact is
  • 07:59: that about seven thousands of kilometers which was held the machine has accumulated a lot of children and not childhood diseases ate braking pads start pound ate several teeth on sprockets systems had these all replace parts the situation became more complicated the ones that did it the first time in my life but and then youtube came to me for help the truth is in some rollers are not being held back
  • 08:29: about some nuances repairs of others others but having looked several videos on different channels for repair and replace these details and yet it was possible in my head put some whole picture and change these parts repair the bicycle was necessary immediately in that which begins mushroom berry season and those mushroom and berry places I know is enough far from my house I can get there
  • 08:59: only by bike I do not have a car as you know and in general I I think that the bike thing is perfect necessary in the village he does not know take if you want it on note those who going to move to the country The fact is that the village this is usually is sufficient extended settlement stretched out on big enough distance and for that just to go someone to visit or go or go over the kolyme
  • 09:29: on the Sabbath to someone from villagers need overcome big enough distance and therefore bicycle here comes to us on help and go somewhere bathe in nearby river or lake or in the forest as Here I am for mushrooms and berries the fact is that yes of course someone there is a car on y somebody does not exist and even if vehicle every day to go to the shabbats for
  • 09:59: several kilometers such as neighboring the village as it did I but have enough expensive in money but nevertheless everyone makes his choice I your choice did what's more, I think that the bike in my this is so same significant thing as my electro-petrol tool and that is for me great is the tool for example, the first year own life constant life in I lived in the village
  • 10:30: in general, and earned money for his Existence thanks to two tools are chainsaw and Bike the fact that I already told probably with repeatedly in their video that my first big enough Sabbath in the mare the neighboring village I was simply taken to building brigade thanks to the availability of me chainsaws but to get to neighboring village accounted for
  • 11:00: several months practically daily on bicycle as she is located somewhere in 10 kilometers from my village on foot again not 10 run into it 10 back will chainsaw on the shoulder so the bike in first year of me literally saved thanks to him Generally on this shabashki for several months I earned money for to live 1 year so I bike in in general, I 'm
  • 11:32: him with great respect and consider that in the village a thing perfectly is necessary Well, in principle, about those cases in which I I am engaged in the last days, I'm short stories thanks that for what they saw this video is for the fact that you looked in the channel is happy [music]