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Остров Петрова | Природа | Телеканал "Страна"  See details »

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  • 00:00: this from bird's eye view
  • 00:43: flight outlines he resembles a whale Petrov Island retained pristine nature Primorye Territory for a long time territory was is closed for visiting even today tourists here phenomenon but rarely those who still manage to get close to reserved beauty argue that this place of strength the island appeared on
  • 01:35: maps in 1860 in name last name rights thanks to which it happened to Alexander Petrov was a marine an officer travelers and researchers the opening the territory is already on during several centuries was considered uninhabited people left these shores in 12 century and no longer the scientists did not exclude that in antiquities the island was a cape then isthmus connecting with large earth collapsed now
  • 02:05: petrovs from the continent seperate about 700 meters for several centuries on there was no island forest fires so here survived
  • 02:35: unique to the system except tissot attention deserves kishmish height from big tree he twisted exactly lian we go orphan from flowers which they receive healing honey and more Manchurian birch Mongolian oak Schizandra as well as place on the island a bit about 40 hectares among mainly insect birds on rocks serving in sea sometimes you can see seals larga who
  • 03:05: come here and northern latitudes chief wealth thousand-year-old yew and grove
  • 03:36: versions of origin quite a lot it is excluded that landing were made in ritual purposes this peaked relict plant red the book is usually occurs in single or small groups in mountain areas on the island of Petrova more than 400 trees they is so tight closed on top of that it's always gloomy here and humid atmosphere albeit a little anxious and yet fabulous get into the reserved
  • 04:50: forests are not to each tourist flow strictly regulated no more than 100 people in year the island is surrounded by eco a trail of almost three kilometers during two hours excursions of guests get acquainted the vegetable world talk about their stories islands are not does without the most a good time for visits from July to September